Ways to use rope to create backyard decor

Does your backyard need a face lift? You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to transform your yard into an inviting oasis. DIY projects are a great way to transform everyday objects into something useful and beautiful. This article will explain just how easy it all really is.
Ready to get started? Grab some rope and a hot glue gun (and maybe a few household items) and that's all you'll need to get started! Watch as your backyard transforms into a shabby-chic retreat. Let's get started. 
DIY Ottoman 
Looking for something to do with an old tire? Try this idea from Style Me Pretty. Start by wrapping the tire with nylon rope so that it crisscrosses over it so that the sisal rope will have something to attach to. Tightly coil the rope in a circle and glue the rope to itself as you go. Once you get to the end cut the excess rope. If you plan to use the ottoman outside, remember to seal it so that it is weatherproof. 
Terracotta Table
Thrifty and Chic via Hometalk offers a cute idea for creating an outdoor table. Start with a standard terracotta pot. You can spray paint it any color to match your outside decor. Next, turn the pot upside down and attach the base to the top. To add a shabby chic flair, wrap the rope around the potted plant. You can opt to do different designs with the rope to get that perfect style for your backyard. It's just big enough for a cute little outdoor table. 
Drum Rope Coffee Table 
This drum rope coffee table pictured on Pinterest, is a charming addition to any backyard space. Use an old wooden spool to transform into this table. Simply add a bit of rope to the center and around the edges and you have a shabby chic piece of furniture for your outdoor space.  Remember to seal the table if it will be used outdoors. 
Bee Hive
The beehive idea comes from Confessions of a New/Old House Owner. All you need is a metal bowl, rope, hot glue gun and a Sharpie. You can use any bowl, but the suggestion from the blog is to use a Kitchen-Aid Mixer bowl because it has a really nice bee hive-like shape to it. Not to worry, your bowl won't be used permanently! Simply wrap the bowl with rope working your way toward the top of the bowl. Remember to use extra rope to make a loop at the top. Once you are done, use another small piece of rope to simulate an opening in the front of the beehive. So you are sure not to get real bees living in your creation, do not cut a real hole. Instead, color in the space with a black Sharpie. To retrieve your bowl, allow the beehive to freeze for 20 minutes in the freezer before wiggling the bowl free. 
Rope Wreath 
A rope wreath is a simple DIY project for your backyard space. You can either opt to coil the rope into a loose wreath with a few added embellishments. If you prefer the perfectly round wreaths, start with a piece of circle foam found in most craft stores. Then wrap your rope and add flowers or other greenery of your choice. 

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