Turn a birdcage into a hanging planter

Birdcage planters are a charming way to bring a little creativity to your garden space. Not only do they look great, but they are useful as well. With a few simple modifications, an old bird cage can easily be turned into a whimsical hanging planter or a shabby-chic display on your patio. 
You probably have enough regular pots sitting around, so why not try something new for a change? Keep your eyes out for an old birdcage that you can revamp and use in your garden.
Birdcage Transformation 
Garden Therapy describes just how to get started on this fun project. All you need is a birdcage (check out thrift stores or yard sales), spray paint, coco liner or a pot, and plants of your choice.  Start by painting your birdcage however you like. Some people opt for the tarnished look while others choose a bold statement color. You can either line the basket with the coco liner as seen above, or simply place a pot that fits inside the cage. Next, arrange your flowers that are most visibly appealing, hang up, and enjoy! 
Splash of Color 
Making a birdcage planter is fun and easy. One of the best things about this project is that you can incorporate any colors that you like. In a blog called Whats Ur Home Story, we are taught not only the step-by-step guide to making a beautiful planter, but we also see firsthand how choosing a bold color for the cage can really make the blooms pop! 
Fake Blooms 
Digs Digs reminds us that we don't even have to actually plant flowers to make a garden centerpiece. A mixture of succulents can give the appearance of a floral arrangement but with minimal effort and watering. 
A Thrilling Arrangement 
Planting a birdcage is all about proper placement.  A blog from I Should Be Mopping the Floor indicates that the process is simple. Choose whichever flowers complement your space and plant accordingly. If your blooms are heavy, opt for displaying your birdcage by placing on a garden bench or side table. Make sure to arrange your flowers in a way that highlights the "main event" blooms. 
For a simple fix, you can just place a pot inside the cage. Kasey shares on her blog, Kasey's Korner that it's a look she loves so much, she just changes out the flowers from year to year.
Mix your flowers with some vines and watch as your caged arrangement bursts with life through the growth season.  
Birdcage planters are a fun weekend project that can become the centerpiece of any garden! Share with your friends to exchange ideas. 

Gardening is not only an excellent way to relax, get back in touch with the environment and add in a decent workout; it's also a rewarding hobby.
October 19   ·