See how Mom took her daughter's old bed and turned it into a charming outdoor bench

Upcycling is a great way to turn something that was headed to the landfill into something useful. On an episode of Cafe Mom’s web series, “Make it Fabulous with Andee Dodson,” Dodson shows people how to turn an old headboard and footboard into a useful two seater bench.
This is a great project for thrift-store finds or for when your child outgrows his or her twin or toddler bed. 
Dodson took the foot board, marked it’s center point and cut it in two. Then, she attached one foot board piece to each the side of the headboard. 
Because her bedframe did not already have support boards built into the frame, she put those in before starting on the seat itself. Next, she placed and secured wooden boards to the portion of the bench that was to be the seating area using wood glue and nails.
In order to avoid becoming mishappen from rain and water exposure, Dodson used a wood dowel to space the boards, giving the boards room to expand.
Now for the fun part -- adding your personal touch. Dodson opted to paint the bench a dark blue and add some glam with a "Fabulous" onlay and faucet knobs that mimic gemstones for the feet. The look is completed with a few comfy pillows.
Dodson used spray paint on her bench, however, if you are planning on using your bench outside you should take steps to weatherproof it. SFGate suggests sanding and applying a good primer and weatherproof paint to keep your outdoor furniture looking new. 
For detailed instructions, watch the video below. And if you are inspired to make your own bench from an unused bed, SHARE this with your friends! 
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