8 ways to use a pallet as a planter

Pallet planters are an inexpensive yet creative way to make your garden stand out. Rather than spend a ton of money on expensive planters, you can make one yourself with  free (or nearly free) pallet boards. You really want to focus on choosing strong pallets that will withstand the test of time.  For more tips on this take a look at this article from Life Hacker.
Here we will take a look at the many ways that you can take a boring pallet board and transform it into a beautiful planter. Everything from the plants you choose to the paint color for the boards will make sure that your planter is a centerpiece for your garden or yard. Read on for more ideas. 
Vertical Garden 

This vertical planter is unique way to display your favorite greenery. According to Design Sponge, to create this piece you will need a pallet,sandpaper, landscaping paper, staple gun and staples, hammer and nails, potting soil, plants of your choice. 
Start by sanding down the rough areas of the wood and make sure the pallet is not wobbly. If it needs more support, nail some scrap wood along the back to make it sturdy. To cover the back of the pallet, double up some landscaping paper along the back. Be sure it is pulled tight and secured with several staples along the edges. Next, lay the pallet down and dump in the potting soil. You should allow the soil to settle for a few days so that it holds up when you turn the planter upright to plant your flowers. As a reminder, you should water the top plants the most and the following plants less as the water will naturally seep down to the rest of the plants. 
Pallet Garden
The Inspired Room offers this neat planter that not only works for a touch of beauty, but also a bit of privacy in an open yard. The simple addition of attaching a few buckets helps break up the look of this planter. This option is also a bit of a simplistic approach because it does not require to line the entire pallet with landscaping paper, but instead uses coco liners. You can keep the pallets natural wood, or opt for a bright color as pictured here. 
Inverted Planter
If you want a unique look try this inverted planter described in Wood Pallet Furniture. The planting concept is basically the same, but for a fuller look, you can tilt the pallets inward. You can opt to plant vibrant flowers that merge together at the top for a lush appearance. 
Hanging Pallets
Rather than tilt or set the pallet planters on the ground, you can opt for the designs that can hang as described in Pallet Furniture DIY. You can choose to make a large-box concept or a pallet planter that looks more like a window box. The planter box with planks allows  you to grow various types of plants in the same planter. 
Planter Fences 
Does your garden or yard not have much privacy? You can create a planter fence with a few pallets! Pallet Wood Projects you want to secure the pallets in the ground by hollowing out a hole and placing the pallets inside. You can do a staircase-style fence as picture here, or create a same-height fencing. 
Colorful Planter 
This planter for DIY Show Off reminds us that the beauty of a pallet planter can be influenced by the type of flowers you choose. You can go totally green or choose an array of brightly colored flowers to give your garden a colorful pop! 
Plant Display
This idea from 1001 Pallets focuses more on how to display your plants without the fuss of planting in the pallet You can make a plant shelf and include a variety of your favorite plants and flowers. You could even incorporate a few colorful pots to really make this display stand out. This is a great idea for pallets that may have been treated or is of unknown origin.
Mock Planter 
The great thing about this planter featured in Recylart, is that it looks like a planter, but with much less effort. Instead of preparing the pallet for plants, you can tack up a few boards to hide the fact that the plants are still in pots! 
We hope you love these unique planters as much as we do! Share with your friends to see what they think.