6 beautiful ways old tires can be turned into charming planters for your garden

When you think of an elegant country garden, chances are high that tires aren't the first objects to come to mind. But thanks to these internet innovators, we learned how easy it is for an old tire to transform into a whimsical complement for any garden.
From cascading flowers to an outdoor country end table, there's really no limit to the style variations of this clever and economical idea. We'll never look at a tire in quite the same way again.
Using only a couple tires, a salad bowl, paint, and fly swatters, the women at Two Women and a Hoe crafted this adorable backyard ladybug planter.  
The folks at HomeTalk took this idea to higher ground, giving an old tire a fresh coat of yellow paint and adding some cascading flowers to give this tree even more life. We love the hanging flower plants rounding out this unique and colorful look.
For simple elegance with minimal effort, prime and paint a row of tires in one color and choose complementary flowers for a fresh look. Natural Learning recommends choosing paint in a light color to avoid absorbing too much sun and overheating your plants. 
Forgo the hassle of paint without forgoing charm by artfully mounting your tires in interesting spaces like they did over at Recaptured Charm
Or take a page from GardenPuzzle's book and give a gang of tires a paint and stack job as a way to highlight different plant styles and variations. 
If the look of painted tires isn't really your style, don't fret! You can still get down on this idea. The DIYers at Addicted2DIY.com fashioned this impressive transformation using rope and scrap wood from previous projects. They also offer the tip that tire stores tend to be very generous with their old and used tires, so if you don't have any tires on hand, head over to your local tire dealer and see if you can't finagle a few. 
With so many different styles to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite! Which of these crafty ideas do you like best?

When you've spent hours cutting, trimming, and planting to ensure your yard looks beautiful and relaxing, the sight of weeds cropping up is enough to make you crazy.
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