8 ways to repurpose old drawers into whimsical planters for your garden

A true DIYer knows the power of the trash-to-treasure transformation, so throwing away a perfectly good piece of furniture simply because you're tired of it can be more than a little heartbreaking. Thankfully, you don't have to!
If an old piece of furniture has been wearing out its welcome in your home, consider giving it new life by using it to enhance your garden. Check out these drawer planter ideas for inspiration. 
Artzy Creations used upcycled boxes to create drawers of their own. By deconstructing boxes, adding a coat of paint, and installing hardware, they were able to make these whimsical drawer planters. 
Take advantage of the shabby chic look intrinsic of old furniture and make your own version of mobile planters in no time at all, like these from Junk Market Style. We like how well the choice of flowers complements the effortless look of these upcycled drawers. 
Revamp the whole dresser along with its drawers for a multilevel planter that will wow any visitor. With a fresh coat of paint and new hardware, the folks at Almanac.com brought this dresser to life. And the creeping ivy, wildflowers, and hidden lumber are a lovely treat for the country garden sensibility.
Queen B and Me demonstrates the power of an artful stack by thoughtfully stacking these drawers for a naturally romantic look. 
P&G Everyday show us that you don't need much to make a big splash. By choosing vibrant paint and matching plants, you can achieve this explosive look while keeping effort to a minimum.
This vintage apothecary cabinet from makemepretty.blogspot.com is the picture of perfection. The complementary purples and blues make this look pop while the aged look of the drawers adds an intriguing rustic romance. 
Protracted Garden emphasizes the beauty of simplicity with this design. We love how the repurposed drawers bring life to an old step ladder while the understated plants punctuate the subtle nature of this refreshing look.
We can't wait to integrate this idea into our own outdoor space and we're betting you can't either. Let us know your ideas in the comments!