7 ways to transform basic chicken wire into flowery fixtures for your garden

If you're a DIY enthusiast, chicken wire is a must-have. The applications are endless. Planters are only one example. Whatever shaped planter you have in mind, whether a cone, basket, wreath, monogram or something else altogether, you can make it happen with chicken wire and a few other basic materials.
Scroll through the inspiration pieces below to check out how other gardeners have created beautiful, functional planters using chicken wire. Once you get an idea of the process, you'll be able to come up with your own variation in no time!
Amy at StowandTellU created a series of cone-shaped planters using chicken wire, moss and some old pallet wood. She cut large pieces of chicken wire into triangles, rolled them into cones and stapled them to individual pallet boards, adding texture and rustic charm to the arrangement. 
If you're looking for something beautiful and rustic but really easy to make, check out this floral chicken wire sconce that Vanessa at Tried & True fashioned. What an amazing gift idea!
Lowe's put together a great tutorial for this simple, eloquent little planter, which is a breeze to craft! Just a heads up: Unless you use succulents, these will require frequent watering. Still, what a perfect frugal fix to dress up any event or outdoor space, or even offer as party favors.
This quaint chicken wire basket is great way to display herbs. Annika and Sussi at PreciousSister cut and folded chicken wire into the shape of a basket and lined it with thick, clear plastic. Bulky sticks were attached to both sides using jute to serve as handles. This truly is a charming, rustic addition to any garden decor. 
Large container planters can get pricey. And, once filled with soil, they can become pretty heavy, too. EHow offers a tutorial for chicken wire planters that are cheap, lightweight and easy to make.  They add a ton of character and are a great way to display annuals and herbs.
This vertical planter is a piece of art. If you love this look, but aren't sure you're up to the task, don't let the scale intimidate you. All you really need is a frame of any size, some chicken wire (of course), plywood, moss, soil and your plants. Luna-See's tutorial is very informative, and you can cut the time, cost and difficultly level down simply by making a smaller version.
Joan at Charleston Grit provides an amazing tutorial to create a living wreath. However, with a little imagination, you can apply Joan's method to make any shaped wreath you'd like, such as a heart or monogram. Once you get the hang of the process, the versatility of this method will have your imagination running wild.
Which one was your favorite? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you loved these ideas as much as we did!

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