6 ways to transform an old bathtub into a stunning planter for your garden

Some DIY ideas surprise us with how easily they're executed, while others take our breath away by how transformative and beautiful they are. These bathtub planters are a rare hybrid of the two, being a cinch to make and providing stunning results. 
If you don't have an old bathtub lying around, your local junkyard or thrift store is likely to have what you need to make this idea your own. We're so inspired by the different variations of these planters and we think you will be, too!
This clawfoot tub from A Cultivated Chest is bursting with personality. We love how the vibrant purple brings new life to the tub while enhancing the overall effect of the color arrangement. 
A charming spray of yellow wildflowers pairs beautifully with the vintage look of this tub planter from Fun Flower Facts
Kle58 via Flickr left the tub as is and let the flowers do all the talking. The bursts of pinks, yellows, and whites really make this design pop. 
Arlene Brenneman via Flickr shows us that flowers aren't the only plants that can make this idea sing. This mini fairy garden has a lifetime's worth of charm in it.
This elegant design from History Maniac Megan lets the flowers have center stage by concealing the sides of this upcycled tub. 
It doesn't get much more whimsical than this breathtaking design from The Glamorous Housewife. The cascading greenery contrasted with the tall purple flowers really serve to animate this gorgeous look.
We can't get enough of this creative idea. Which design is your favorite?

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