Decorative concrete staining turns dull floor into a thing of beauty

While concrete floors may boast a number of benefits — relatively easy to maintain, durable, sustainable — they don’t provide an aesthetic (or feel) for everyone. Concrete is hard and cold, and most would find it suitable for a room like the basement. However, a bit of decorative concrete staining may just change the way you feel about that. 
Hardwood floors are perhaps the most common flooring option amongst homes and apartments. You tend to see concrete in warehouses and other large establishments. You may or may not expect it, but concrete can be very stylish indoors, provided that it’s been stained and finished properly. It provides a more modern look that seems to be in demand right now.
Concrete floor installation is typically more affordable than hardwood — but that depends on the look and finish you’re after. According to the Concrete Network, concrete floors can cost anywhere from $2 to $30 per square foot. Homewyse says the rough average of installing hardwood flooring is just under $9 per square foot.
What if you like the look of hardwood but want the cost and durability of concrete? You’re in luck. The folks at Decorative Concrete Kingdom pride themselves on “transforming concrete into beautiful and functional surfaces.” They begin by shotblasting the concrete, which appears to smooth out the surface. Then they add a base, spray the floor to give it a wood-grain appearance, and begin staining. As expected, it’s much, much easier said than done. You can check out the process below in a sort of tutorial video
Decorative concrete staining should be handled by professionals, as it’s a very involved, multistep process. Decorative Concrete Kingdom does, however, sell a manual for those who have the proper tools and think they can tackle the challenge on their own. The cost for materials is listed as $1.60 per square foot. 
If you have concrete floors that could use a bit of pizzazz, this might be the project for you. Check out the video below to watch the transformation unfold.

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