How To Finish Concrete Project With Decorative Stamped Concrete

Whether it's the driveway, patio, or sidewalk, most homeowners are likely familiar with concrete. Have you ever wanted to spice up that concrete without breaking the bank? 
Now, here's a very easy solution to finishing that concrete project. It's called decorative stamped concrete. In a nutshell, stamped concrete provides the illusion of real brick or stone. According to popular local services site Angie's List, although the technique has been around since the 1950s, stamped concrete has only recently increased in popularity. 
How much savings can one expect? HouseLogic prices stamped concrete ($10 to $15 per square foot) just slightly above plain concrete ($6 to $12 per square foot). Brick can cost 33 percent more than stamped concrete; stone, slate, or marble options are, as expected, even higher. 
One satisfied Virginia customer, Jeff Satre, who chose stamped concrete for his patio, told Angie's List, "I've done brick pavers before and didn't like the maintenance and cost. ... The coloring, texture and appearance (of stamped concrete) are all top-notch." 
That said, interested customers should beware. Angie's List warns that one should make sure to seek a well-reviewed, licensed contractor for such decorative work to avoid any dissatisfaction. HouseLogic adds, "Making a stamped concrete patio is a fairly simple process, but only skilled DIYers should attempt it. " 
In the video below, watch as YouTube channel Solomon Colors shows us how to properly stamp concrete from pouring the concrete mixture to the actual stamping and final sealing. Note: This stamping technique can also be applied to transform old concrete slabs. 
After seeing the finished product, it's easy to understand why stamped concrete is so trendy.
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