5 ways to make DIY birdbaths for your garden using everyday household items

Birdbaths are a beautiful addition to any garden. Their varied designs add a whimsical element to your yard, and of course, they draw local birds right to your garden, giving you the added pleasure of watching them splash and spruce up.
But birdbaths can be expensive. So instead of trekking out to the nearest home-goods store and comparing prices and quality, make one yourself. We've found some terrific blogs that have beautiful and easy DIY's to inspire you.
1. Hanging birdbath made from casserole dish lid
We all have that mysterious lid lying around the house. Maybe you broke the dish, or it got left after a party. Well, thanks to Sadie Seasongoods, now you have a real use for it!
Besides the dish cover, all you're going to need is some chain, and a handy spot to hang this birdbath. You could also throw seed in there instead and use the cover as a feeder.
2. CD mosaic birdbath
Chances are if you've owned a birdbath before, it's fallen over and broken. Often it's a shame because the stand is fine, but the top is cracked. Me and My DIY has some great tips to fix your broken birdbath, and then make it pretty again with old CD's. This DIY is easy and really inexpensive.
3. Old lamp turned birdbath
If you love a vintage vibe, this project is for you. Chic Cottage Junk says you're going to need an old glass or ceramic lampshade, and an old standing lamp — chances are you've got one of these lying around. But it might also be fun to go shopping for one at a local Salvation Army or antique store.
4. Birdbath from birch branches and wooden bowl
The blog The Art of Doing Stuff understands full well how expensive bird baths can be — and is quite appalled by it. So, she's created a super simple, nearly free, and totally rustic DIY bird bath for those looking for a more natural garden addition.
5. Terracotta pots turned bird bath
Thrifty Fun suggests using old terracotta pots and plant dishes for your birdbath DIY. Best yet, you can paint or design them any way you'd like for a personalized style.
Which idea was your favorite? Sound off in the comments below, and make sure to SHARE if you found these birdbaths as lovely as we did!

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