Lady uses the teeth of a rake to invite delightful guests to her garden

Feeders are a great way to invite birds and little creatures into your yard for a snack. You can gaze from your garden, peek from the window, and sit on the porch and admire all your new little friends feeding - but if your feeder isn't cute and creative it's going to be quite boring when the animals aren't around.
To add some flare to your garden, these DIY projects teach you how to make adorable and simple feeders from stuff you already have lying around the house. So, get ready to get creative and scroll through this list of inspiring projects.
1. Rake head bird feeder
It's a great way to upscale something that'd be thrown away otherwise, and it's going to give the birds and squirrels something fresh to munch on while giving you a front row seat. Check out how to make this in the video below:
2. Citrus peel bird feeder
Next time you make lemonade refrain from throwing out the peel. Try the following idea demonstrated in the video below:
3. Teacup feeder
Your tiny neighborhood birds are going to be spoiled rotten eating out of this vintage teacup and saucer. This project is really easy to do, but it looks so good your neighbors are going to wonder what boutique you plucked it from. Watch how easy it is in the video below:
4. Egg carton bird feeder
This is another great alternative to tossing out a kitchen item when you're done with it. Check out the video below:
5. Thrifted glass bird feeder
Now this is pretty! If you've got some old glass candy dishes lying around - this is a perfect DIY for your home.
6. "Hillybilly" bird feeder
It might be nicknamed the 'hillbilly' bird feeder - but there's something quite smart about the simplicity of this idea.
7. Simple glass insulator feeder
This feeder is going to add a wonderful vintage vibe to your garden.
8. Bundt pan feeder
Whether you've got an old bundt pan that's ready to go into retirement, or you pick one up at the local Goodwill - reusing it for a bird feeder is a great way to breathe new life into this pan.

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