7+ video tutorials on beautiful crochet edgings and trimmings

Whether you enjoy crocheting large quilts or prefer a simpler project, it's always a good idea to have a few tricks up your sleeve to add personal touches to the edges of pieces. The special touches on the edges can pull an entire design together.
Check out these cute crochet border ideas, from a basic edge to more elaborate spirals and even elephants, and then grab your needle and yarn, because you'll want to try these out.
1. The basics: Single crochet edge
The single crochet border edge is one of simplest options. Start about two or three stitches from your corner. Place your hook through both loops and grab your yarn. Work a single crochet through each stitch all the way around. Check out the video below to see how to tackle the corners.
2. Scalloped edge
The scalloped edge offers a little more texture and is a great option for adding detail to the edge of a blanket. This traditional edge is a popular choice. Push your needle through both loops on the edge of your piece (a few stitches from the corner). This edge is a combination of single and double stitches, making it a great option for beginners and experts alike. Check out the video below to see the stitch.
3. Pom-pom edge
The pom-pom edge is a really cute way to add unique texture. This type of stitch is a fun choice for baby blankets, booties and scarves. This type of stitch works on any edge. Unlike other edges, you'll want to attach the yarn to your edge with a small knot. (This will keep it in place so you can stitch more easily.) Check out the video below to see how this stitch pulls together.
4. Spiral edging
The spiral edge is a really unique border. You can add these edges to a blanket, pillow or scarf for extra texture and movement. For extra pop, use an ombre-colored yarn. You'll want to space out your spirals by adding about five stitches between. Check out the video below for detailed instructions on how to finish this fun edge.
5. Fan edging
Fan filet edging is a sweet way to add details to the border of a blanket. The edges look a bit like shells or flowers. You'll want to use two different colored yarns to really make the edge pop. The initial chain should match your project (in multiples of six, plus four). See the video below to watch this beautiful technique come to life.
6. Queen's lace edging
Queen's lace edging is a beautiful stitch for adding delicate details to your project. This type of edging looks lovely on baby bonnets, dresses, scarves and hats. This edging is a bit more technical, and you should know how to do chains, a slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet and treble crochet. This pattern is a multiple of 16 plus seven. Check out the video below to see the stunning results.
7. Triple picot edging
Triple picot edging is a bit like the scalloped edge, but it has a more floral look. This is a really sweet edge for blankets and hats. As far as edges go, it's fairly easy. You'll start with single stitches around the edge (and three single stitches on each corner). After you've added your base chain to the project, watch the video to see how to add the triple picots. (Note: for a thicker border, you can add several rows of single crochet as needed.)
8. Triangle picot edging
This is a fun twist for a project border. This technique adds texture and shape. This stitch is a multiple of seven. The technique uses single stitches, chains, slip stitches and double crochets. The video below shows you how to add this technique to the edges of your project. This edge is easy enough for beginners to tackle.
9. Three-petal scallop edging
The three-petal scalloped edging is another technically complicated edge. Before you tackle this edge, you should know the chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, triple crochet and triple crochet three together. Reminiscent of Queen's lace edging, this technique is delicate and fancy. Watch the master at work on this beautiful stitch in the video below.
10. Elephant edge
This is a really fun way to add personality to the edges of your projects. If you add a foundation stitch, you can use this edging on any project (even traditional blankets!). Kids (and elephant lovers) will enjoy this sweet detail. The edging uses double crochets, chains and slip stitches. This is a pretty simple way to add fun detail that even beginners can tackle.
Check out the video below (in Spanish) to see another variation of the stitch. The video has English instructions in the detail section.
The next time you're wrapping up a crochet project, take a little extra time to add one of these adorable edges for extra pop!

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