How to crochet a super chunky blanket in less than 1 hour using just your hands

If you think that crochet projects need to take hours and hours of labor intensive work... think again. This fantastic pattern is the perfect project for when you have just an hour or so to spare. This project utilizes thick yarn and no needle! Get ready to blast out a fun project in no time!
This arm knit blanket requires little more than your arms and your choice of thick, heavy yarn. This cozy blanket is lovely, elegant and warm!
Set aside at least 45 minutes to complete the project. You want a very bulky yarn (try a size 6) for this blanket.
To begin, start with the long-tail of five-feet and make a slip knot. This step counts as your first stitch. Slide the slip stitch over your arm and tighten it. Your second stitch is casting your yarn. Simply Maggie does a great job explaining exactly how to do this step in the video at the end of the article.
Next, take your right hand and weave through your cast stitches. You'll now have two loops on your arm. Repeat. Make sure you tighten each stitch as tight as possible (to make smaller holes in your blanket). Repeat these steps until you get about 18 stitches or so, (this is how wide your blanket will be.)
From here, you'll start knitting your blanket through your base stitches. You'll be using both arms to move stitches. Check out the video below to see how this method works. ​
While this project isn't particularly time-consuming, it can be a bit tricky. If this is your first time tackling arm knitting, make sure you give yourself a little extra time (and a dose or two of extra patience.)
Believe it or not, you can tackle tons of projects without using any crochet needles. Check out this simple arm knit basket weave stitch blanket below for another fun pattern.
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