How to crochet in a delightful peppermint pattern (video tutorial)

Who doesn't love peppermint candy? Just looking at the bright red and white colors brings to mind the wonderful smell and taste of peppermint, and the cheery colors and pattern brighten up any space. Although most people associate peppermint with Christmas, Leaf points out that some of the first peppermint candies were developed to help with stomach problems.
Originally, the candies were just white in color. Over time, the red was added. No one seems to know for sure when or who to credit with the colorful change to one of America's favorite candies. Over the years, this sweet has been immortalized into all kinds of decorations, including afghans, coasters, tea cozies, hats and scarves.
To crochet most of the peppermint patterns, you need to work in rounds. This means you will need to know how to make the magic ring and how to do the slip stitch, chain, single crochet and double crochet.
The pattern for the peppermint afghan above be downloaded for free from Red Heart. This afghan requires two special stitches: the beg dc2tog and the dc2tog.
Wendy Bennet's peppermint coasters can be learned by watching Patricia Esposito's YouTube tutorial.
The peppermint candy pillow can be made into a spearmint candy, or any other candy piece simply by changing the colors you use. The pattern for this piece must be purchased from Crochet Memories.
If you just love red and white and you have done your kitchen in these colors, you can crochet an adorable tea cozy set and hot pads that match.
For those who want to make the peppermint throw but are disconcerted with the length of the printed instructions, check out The Crochet Crowd's step-by-step video below on how to make this piece. Start now, and you just may have it done in time for hot chocolate and peppermint sticks.

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