How to crochet the diamond trellis stitch (video & chart)

The Diamond Trellis stitch is a really nice technique for adding simple texture to any crochet project. When done properly, a raised diamond pattern emerges across the yarn. This stitch provides a simple way to add a subtle pattern without going too crazy with the needle and yarn.
When working on this stitch, use any yarn and needle you have on hand. Thicker yarn works great for a blanket, but this pattern can look quite beautiful in a thinner, lighter weight yarn as well.
While this stitch is a little bit more complicated than most beginning crochet stitches, it is not too difficult. You'll need to know how to do a single crochet, front post triple crochet and chains. The base of this stitch works in multiples of four plus two.
The unique diamond pattern not only looks beautiful, but it can also add texture to your projects as well. This is particularly useful in items, like headbands or hats, where the extra grip can keep the hat/scarf in place.
There are several variations on this pattern, including the one above with looks a bit different, but allows for color changes. Simply Crochet offers a variation called the Diamond Picot Stitch.
You can get crafty with it and create beautiful scarves, or go a bit simpler for a pair of cozy house slippers. This stitch is a great one to have in your arsenal for all type of projects.
Check out the video below to see how this beautiful pattern falls into place. The video below shows a variation of the stitch that uses double crochets in addition to single crochets.
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