Mom turns drab mudroom into dazzling catalogue-worthy entrance to her home

Laundry rooms, tool storage areas, and mud rooms are often awkward spaces with strange sizes or shapes. The problem is that these areas are highly trafficked, yet need to perform a very specific function regardless of how difficult they are to maneuver.
Clever do-it-yourselfers find wonderful ways of transforming these spaces from awkward to awesome. No more wasted space or piles of laundry in plain view of everyone in the living room!
1. From drab to dazzling
Ashley from Vintage Refined needed the large entryway of her lakeside home to perform four functions: laundry room, dog shower, storage, and mudroom.
The first thing Ashley and her husband did was to divide the room into sections, each dedicated to a different function.
With some careful pre-planning and creative construction, Ashley was able to transform their drab mudroom into a dazzling multi-functional space!
2. Old tool room turned new mud room
This long 7-feet by 14-feet space (2.1 meters by 4.2 meters) had been used to house their tools, but when Terry Moore and her husband had a new garage built and moved the tools, they decided to create a lovely mudroom.
The new room is painted in soft blue-grey and white and includes space for hanging coats, changing shoes and charging batteries. Details about the makeover can be found at Terry's blog, Forever Decorating!
3. Laundry room makeover
Laundry was Haeley's most hated household chore, so when she decided to makeover the laundry room and give it the added function of mudroom, she went with whimsical decor to see if that didn't make the task a little more enjoyable.
The mudroom side of the room -- previously a long, blank wall -- now sports colorful hooks, pocket storage, and a shoe rack. The laundry side of the room features wall art and playful polka dots on the washer and dryer, livening up the entire space. Visit Haeley's Design Improvised blog to see the other fun details that have made doing laundry more bearable!
Mudrooms and entryways have a specific, important function -- to provide a place to shake off the outside world and prepare to enter the home. Modern homes often do not have such a space, or what is there is very small or oddly shaped. With a little creativity, however, a mudroom can be transformed into a useful and welcoming place all your own.

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