Lady hot glues sticks from yard to old peaches can, creating perfect autumn accent

Rustic chic decor is just about everywhere you look these days. It's not surprising when it's affordable to DIY, and the finished product looks amazing. It's also really simple to do. In most cases, all you need is a pile of sticks and a few other products you most likely already have on hand at home.
Our first project involves twigs you'd find lying around right in your own backyard. Or, check in your neighbors' yards, I'm sure they'll be grateful for you to pick up sticks from their lawns. So, let's check out some of the inventive ways you can take old, brown sticks and turn them into an adorable new look!
1. Pop of Color: Easy Twig Vase
Mariah at Giggles Galore created this gorgeous twig vase using a surprising holder to attach the twigs to. It doesn't take a lot of time to add a little something extra to make the bright colors of the bow and flowers pop.
I just love the orange and bright pink flowers as well. It makes this bouquet just so cheery and just in time for the fall season.
2. Monogram with Sticks or Create Whole Words
Now, check out this creative use of stick decor at Hello Little House. I can just imagine using this in so many different and creative ways. I would love to spell out BAR for the little kitchenette we have in our basement. It's so versatile and creates a bold look that would complement any decor.
3. Versatile Fall Twig Wreath
Taryn at Design Dining + Diapers created this stick wreath for the front door. It can also be used for multiple seasons. Check out how she dresses it up for different holidays. I think you could also change out the burlap ties for some burnt-orange ribbon to add some color to this unique wreath. This versatile door decor is a great way to ring in the fall season.
4. Creative Stick Pumpkin
Kari Ann at Thistle Wood Farms put this spin on stick decor, creating a pumpkin outline that really takes it to the next level. I love how the greens in the sticks make this look like a hand-painted work of art, and it's really just a bunch of sticks from the yard! I find it so unexpected and cute, and I love how she styled it with the white pumpkin and tree rounds. Now I want some pumpkin spice coffee...
5. Sparkly Sticks: The Next Level of Holiday Decor
This sparkly stick tutorial at Momtastic brings us right into the holidays with a truly gorgeous idea. These are just old branches, but with the right materials, they create a high-end look. All you need are just a few art supplies and branches that will be readily available after just about any rain storm, and you're well on your way to designer decor this holiday season.
What did you find interesting about these stick decor projects? Please tell us in the comments and SHARE these great ideas with your friends and family. We look forward to seeing what you can do with stick decor in your home year round.

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