Hello fall: try these 5 easy home decor DIYs to celebrate autumn

It's that time of year when the days slowly start getting shorter, and chili starts sounding really good for dinner. What better way to bring in the new season than to pay tribute to fallen leaves through your home decor. These DIY projects use either leaves from your yard, or you can always make an inexpensive purchase from your local Dollar Store or arts and crafts store.
Whether you use them in big ways or small ways, leaf decor will bring cohesion with the seasons outside to the inside of your home. Your decor will look coordinated, and you'll be able to create any of these projects in just one afternoon. So let's get started on some inspiring ideas for DIY leaf decor!
1. Leaves Wall Art Mobile
Heidi at Happiness is Homemade created this work of art for her wall. I love how the leaves seem to be floating along the wall. The neutral wall color makes the leaves really stand out, but these leaves would go with my green walls very nicely too. The stick at the top of the mobile really draws my eyes up and makes this piece seem even more grand.
2. DIY Leaf Bowl
Morena at Crafts Unleashed put together this gravity-defying look. The leaves just seem suspended in air to create fantastic fall decor that's sure to impress. This delicate bowl could be used to showcase a few lighter items, or to hold some seasonal pieces, like pinecones or acorns.
3. Leaf & Book Pages Garland
Sondra at Sondra Lyn at Home created a dual brown leaf/book leaf garland for her mantle. As an avid reader, I just love the leaves cut from book pages! Though anytime I have done any project involving tearing up a book, it's really hard for me. I still do it, but I have to have a moment of silence for the book first. That's the sign of a real book nerd, people. This decor ties in fall and one of my favorite pastimes of cuddling up with a book and a cup of tea, so I am definitely going to do this one.
4. Sparkly Leaf Garland
Cristy at Pretty My Party added some sparkle and shine to leaves to create a garland masterpiece. I can even imagine this draped around holiday decor to transition from fall to winter in style. If you want to mix and match glitter colors, the possibilities are really endless for how you can tie this into your existing decor for a fraction of the price of anything you'd buy in a store.
5. Cute Candle & Leaves Centerpiece
Cheryl at That's What Che Said dressed up plain, white candles with bright colored leaves, and you can see the result is an elegant centerpiece. The touches of burlap add a nice backdrop to let the leaves really shine. These are so pretty, I wouldn't want to burn them. But I think I heard somewhere along the way it's bad luck not to burn candles. So, why take a chance?
Do you want to get all decked out in leaves at home this fall season? Tell us about it in the comments and SHARE to inspire fall decor with your friends and family.

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