Lady uses wine corks and a foam ball to make décor that looks uber-expensive

I have recently become obsessed with wine cork decor. I'm getting married at a winery in the spring, and my new favorite pastime is sipping wine (let's be honest, that's always been my favorite), but now I also want to come up with new ways to use the corks for decor. Whether you face the wine-stained ends out or in, or paint or cut the corks, you'll find an assortment of options to create DIY decor. Your friends will be impressed with your skills, wine-drinking and otherwise.
Most of these projects don't involve long lists of supplies, and you can use items you have on hand or that can be purchased without breaking the bank. You can also ask friends to store their wine corks for you and stash them away while you're planning your decor. The possibilities are endless, so let's grab a bottle and get inspired!
1. Cork balls: big and small
Andi from All Put Together explains how to use just a glue gun and a few supplies to create a gorgeous ball of wine corks.
You can order Styrofoam balls as large or small as your wine habits dictate. If you want to go small, add a hook or string, and you'll also have what it takes for the next project.
2. Wine cork ornaments: cute gift or keep for yourself
Check out this adorable ornament by Vidya at Whats Ur Home Story. Imagine your Christmas tree this year decked out in these babies! Mix with some deep red ornaments and a huge bow on top, and you've got a unique tree you won't see at everyone else's home this holiday season. Or give them as gifts to your family and friends.
3. Wine cork wreath
Keeping it in the holiday spirit, Wine & Cork demonstrates how to combine pops of color to make this design really stand out. It takes only a few simple steps to make, and most supplies are easily accessible at your local arts and crafts store. You could also try using different colors — maybe something bright and cheery for spring — or even neutrals as accent pieces to take this wreath from holiday to every day.
4. Mirror, mirror, on the wall
If you want year-round wine cork decor, Tiffany from Living Savvy has an alluring idea for you. This mirror frame tutorial creates a neutral look that would match just about any color scheme you've got going at home. Plus, it adds a little Italian flair, and who doesn't love that?
5. Wine cork coasters ⁠— for your wine glasses, of course
Erin at Just Grand shows us how to create these cute coasters using cork board and wine corks. The coasters can serve as a functional decor piece at home or be a thoughtful, inexpensive gift for just about any occasion.
Which projects are you looking forward to tackling? Please tell us in the comments and SHARE this with family, friends and all your wine drinking buddies. Cheers!

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