Lady glues foam sphere to candlestick, making a simple yet lovely accent for home

Everyone loves flowers, but not everyone loves their scent, mess or allergens. That's where paper-crafted flowers come in, and you don't have to be an origami master to make beautiful blossoms!
Cupcake liner bouquet. Idea No. 20 in the Simple Home Art Decor Ideas video below is a segment  called "3 DIY Room Decor." Toward the end of the segment is a quick and easy floral bouquet made from a glass candlestick, a foam ball, some ball-head pins, hot glue and pastel-colored cupcake liners.
Once you've glued the foam ball to the candlestick holder, just pierce a cupcake liner with a pin, fold it twice, stick it into the ball and glue into place; the video provides great visual instructions. Place the liners close together until the ball is covered, and you will have a pretty, round-shaped pastel arrangement that won't wilt or make you sneeze.
Coffee filter flower. Coffee filters provide the paper for this beautiful wall flower from Christina's Adventures. A hula hoop and a simple spiral technique create a gorgeous focal point against the stone fireplace. Christina uses lace for the center of her flower, but you could use any lightweight material to match your personal decor.
Watercolor tulips. If tulips are more your thing, check out Lia Griffith's masterpieces. Their watercolor pattern makes the paper petals look incredibly realistic, and Lia's step-by-step instructions make them easy to assemble with scissors, paper, paint and glue! She also provides several ideas for modifying the tulips and using them as gifts.
Paper crafting can require hours of practice and loads of artistic talent, but it doesn't have to! Give these crafts a try, and soon you'll be enjoying mess- and allergen-free blossoms all over your home.
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