Lady breathes fresh new life into exterior of bland brick home

If a fresh coat of paint can revitalize your outdoor furniture, imagine what it will do for the exterior of your home! The transformation brought about by a coat of paint is so effective that Real Simple named it the #1 home upgrade most likely to recoup your investment.
"In my house-flipping experience, I have learned some investments have a bigger bang for your buck... paint is always one of them," says Jennifer McMurray of The Bachelorette Pad Flip. "Especially on the exterior!"
1. Exterior facelift for bland brick
For this project, McMurray was working on a home that she knew well -- her grandmother's place. "It wasn't hard to drive by [the house] and be completely underwhelmed by the exterior appearance," she said.
McMurray hired a professional painter to transform the home, and even before tackling the landscaping, she says she's "already in love" with the new look.
2. Change of a paint color
Inspired by a friend's change from a light-colored home to a dramatically darker one, Heidi Kruse decided to take the plunge and follow suit. She chose a gray color that complemented a shade in her roof shingles.
Kruse was very pleased with the result, especially the way that the darker, satin finish brought out the texture of the siding. She blogged about the project at Kruse's Workshop.
3. Fresh coat of paint and a facelift for the porch
While painting their brick home white, Dana and Brooks Tucker decided their "sad little front porch" needed a facelift.
It's the same porch as before, just with new paint everywhere -- the brick home is now white, the porch is now stenciled, and the door is now a vibrant green! The shade of "Fortunate" green was chosen via opinion poll at Bella Tucker social media platforms.
When contemplating a new color for the exterior of your home, consider what emotion you want to feel when you pull into your driveway after being away. Looking for a cool respite from a hot day? Try a gray like the McMurray or Kruse projects above. Want to be soothed and calmed? Perhaps a soft blue or green would work for you. Want a house that welcomes you with a bright cheery smile? Go for white like the Tuckers did, or a sunny yellow.
If you really can't decide, there are a number of ways to "try on" colors digitally. Find an app you like, upload a photo of your home then mix and match to your heart's content!
What color is your dream home? Let us know in the comments below and SHARE these inspirational projects!

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