Lady revamps 'scary' bathroom sink into a vanity masterpiece

It's easy to postpone bathroom makeovers -- if we aren't selling our homes, it feels like there is no financial incentive to go through the effort and expense. And it's easy to ignore the ugly when we're only in the room for a few moments of each day.
On the other hand, those "few moments" are very important ones! Why not ensure that the room where we start and end each day is a place that makes us relaxed and happy?
1. DIY concrete vanity
Jenise decided that her parents' "scary" bathroom vanity topper was the perfect opportunity to try out a particular decorative concrete technique she'd recently learned.
Using the technique, the Do It Yourself Fun Ideas blogger built her own templates and forms, mixed and poured the concrete, then sealed it into place. She created the vanity top, back and side splashes, and toilet tank cover -- amazing!
2. "Classic and girly" bathroom remodel
Holly Tompkins admits that her entire home is "unapologetically feminine," thanks to a "sweet husband who couldn't care less how girly" it is... and even did the demolition work for the project!
The Tompkins, whose blog is Love The Tompkins, redid everything in the bathroom, including replacing the large vanity with a small one and topping it with a decorative mirror for a "classic and girly" touch.
3. Budget bathroom makeover
Sabrina Scrivo of Pink Little Notebook changed this bathroom from a pink nightmare into a flash of fabulous with a little money and a lot of patience.
Scrivo painted the walls and stained the vanity with the material she already had, then spent $2 for acrylic paint for grout between the floor tiles (yes, you can paint the grout!). Even after splurging $259 on a new countertop and faucet, her entire makeover project totaled only $322!
4. "Light and bright" revamped bathroom
Although she loved this color palette while in college, Amanda Fettig eventually decided that "it looked like half the rainbow vomited in my bathroom" and wanted a change to something "light and bright."
The pale gray walls, dark vanity, and white furnishings provide a clean backdrop that allows the splashes of color -- accessories, shower curtain, plants -- to really pop. For more detailed information and photos, see Dwelling in Happiness.
These four bloggers found ways, with varying investments of time and money, to dramatically revamp the look of their bathrooms. They now begin and end each day in a room that makes them smile -- which sounds like a wonderful way to live!
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