Lady slaps white coat of paint on terracotta, then makes this flowerpot one-of-a-kind

Pretty planters are fun and stylish - but they're also pricey. Especially when you want to splurge for one of those gorgeous marble planters that looks so chic, elegant, and timeless.
Now, you can achieve that same look with the help of some creative crafters. Here, you'll projects that will help you create the timeless marble look, as well as the retro-funky marbled look with contrasting colors. These planters are going to look great on windowsills, front porches, and corners of your home that need a little life.
Don't hesitate - check out the projects below.
1. "Marbled" flower pots
To get started all you need are some cheap, ordinary terracotta pots and some white paint.
After that, the real fun begins. This Sproutandstuff project teaches you to create this stunning, and luxurious looks marble pattern. Your friends and family are going to have no idea you created this natural look yourself with just a few other materials.
2. Sleek DIY marble planters
Fancy solid marble succulent holders? Think again. With some old cans and marble contact paper - Fall for DIY shows you how to upscale your rubbish into stunning planters worthy of any boutique.
3. Marbled hanging planter DIY
By using the marbling technique perfected by Oh Joy! you can create funky hanging planters with a chic 1970's retro vibe. We adore the mixing of bright colors like yellow and green, and coral and tourique, because it looks so pretty and psychedelic.
This is the perfect project to brighten up a dark, dingy corner.
4. DIY marbled gold foil planters
Of course, the Gold Standard Workshop has created a tutorial for creating gold marbled planters. What we love about these planters is how elegant they look, but also how you can overlay the gold on top of whatever color is going to best match your home decor.
5. Blue marbled terracotta
This Alana Jones-Mann project is going to bring the perfect beachy vibe to your home or garden. We love how the marbled blue looks like crashing waves - and how the green succulents just pop against it.
While they do use blue here - you can also get creative and use other colors too!
6. Multi-colored marble planters
East Coast Creative has perfected colorful marbled planters just for you. This project is so much fun, and so colorful, and something the kids would really enjoy taking part in too.
The mix of contrasting colors and irregular marbling creates this beautiful juxtaposition of the organic and the manufactured. These pots are going to look perfectly pretty around your home.
Don't forget to share these incredible marbling techniques with your friends.

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