Lady fills plastic tray with rocks for one simple, functional reason

Entryways in any home are likely the first impression that people will have about your space. Doing a few DIY projects can make your home not only more functional but also more welcoming. The trick is to incorporate small details that can make a big difference. Let's discuss how.
First, let's check out this idea from Rachel Talbott. Shoe storage can be a huge issue. Especially if you are trying to think of a useful, yet cute way to stow away your shoes when you enter your home. In this short clip, Talbott discusses an easy way to enhance your entryway shoe mat. Start with a simple mat (she purchased hers from Wal-Mart for $5) and then fill the mat with decorative rocks.
Why does this idea work so well? It not only looks earthy and unique, but the rocks will collect dirt and mud so that the bottoms of the shoes will be much cleaner. Talbott does remind viewers that if you have small children, you should be wary of the rocks and perhaps remind little ones not to throw them.
Want even more for your entry way? BHG indicates that even if you have a small space, you can make it inviting. Add compact storage with a small table and a few bins and you'll have a great place to put your keys and mail that still looks incredible. Plus, you can spruce up your entryway with a bold paint job or pops of color with your chosen decor.
Simple solutions like this can go a long way in creating the perfect vibe in your home. Not to mention, these are low-cost ideas that can be completed in a matter of minutes! Share these ideas with your friends.
Resources Rachel Talbott and BHG