11 of the cutest and easiest quilting patterns. #7 is a true beauty

Quilting is a craft that has been around since, according to Emporia State University, 3400 B.C. Known for sure to have been used by the Egyptian Pharaohs, quilting eventually spread from the Middle East to Europe. For sure, bed quilts were used in Sicily in the 1300s. When settlers came to the New World from Europe, they brought the art of quilting with them.
Although many of the oldest quilts from the Colonies have not survived, the craft has been passed on. When people pushed westward to tame the country, they used quilts not only for bedding but also for door and window coverings. Although patterns change with generations, techniques really don't; and even those who don't have a lot of experience can turn out great looking quilts.
1. "Star Gazing" by Soft Day Quilt Patterns.
"Star Gazing" requires nesting and pressing, two beginner techniques. Be sure to nest your seams correctly to get the proper finished look. When pressing seams, be sure to press to the dark side. In their tutorial on Craftsy, Soft Day Quilt Patterns also recommends a rotary cutter for this quilt.
2. "On a 'Jelly' Row" by Meadow Mist Designs.
"On a 'Jelly' Roll" was inspired by a Christmas gift. Cheryl, from Meadow Mist Designs, uses bright colors and is perfect for a blanket for babies to play on or a lap throw. Cheryl used a sheet for the backing on this quilt and discovered it worked really well and was quite inexpensive.
3. "Fat Quarter Slide Quilt" by Annie's Catalog.
If you're looking for a project that can be finished in a short period of time, this quilt may be the one for you. According to Annie's Catalog, where you can get the pattern, the quilt can be completed in a weekend. Its large blocks aid in getting it completed so quickly.
4. "Rainbow Diamonds" by Linda Robertus Textile Art.
Simply made from half-square triangles, as you can see on the pattern explanation, "Rainbow Diamonds" ends up being perfect as a baby quilt for either a boy or a girl. The bright colors help brighten the room and will attract the baby's attention.
5. Triangle quilt by The Polka Dot Chair.
The pieces for the triangle quilt are cut using the Jaybird Quilts Hex and More cutter. To quilt this piece, the designer went with straight line quilting. The end result is amazing and simple to make, as The Polka Dot Chair tutorial shows.
6. "Fast Four Patch Quilt" by Diary of a Quilter.
A spin-off of the traditional four patch quilt, this one alternates sets of small four patches with a large patch. The quilt is designed to be easy-to-do and quick to complete, as demonstrated by Diary of a Quilter's tutorial.​
7. "Foundation Paper Pieced Mr. Fox" by Stars & Sunshine.
Although the fox quilt looks difficult, it is in reality made up of triangles and rectangles, as shown by Stars & Sunshine's tutorial on Craftsy. The pieces are large, so it can be put together in a relatively short period of time. You can spice the piece up with using some decorative quilting stitches.
8. "The Victoria Quilt" by Southern Fabric Blog.
Southern Fabric Blog shows how "The Victoria Quilt" is made up of half-triangle squares. When properly aligned, you get the beautiful pattern below.
9. "Soft 'n' Snugly baby blanket" by The Polka Dot Chair.
The strips of soft material make a perfect baby blanket. Since you're simply joining strips together in straight lines, as The Polka Dot Chair instructs to, this quilt can be finished fairly quickly.
10. "The Candy Bloom" by Tilda's World.
"The Candy Bloom" is made up of triangles like the triangle quilt, as Tilda's World's tutorial explains. The colored ones alternate with the solid color, creating a candy corn feeling. Strips of material create a defining edge for each row.
11. Colorful triangle quilt by One Shabby Chick.
This is a basic half-triangle block for quilting and creates something as beautiful as One Shabby Chick's example. The colorful alteration in material creates a delightful, playful pattern.
Whether you are looking to make a baby quilt, a quilt for a bed or a quilt to just fill time, all of these patterns are wonderful. Their simplicity is perfect for beginners, but the creative designs still make them beautiful to look at.