Girls arrange planks on floor and make DIY furniture worthy of a West Elm catalogue

If you are in the market for a cute table, you should definitely check out this DIY piece brought to you by TheSorryGirls. Not only is this a fun solution, but you'll only pay a fraction of the cost. Another benefit? It'll be the perfect size for your space. Plus, it's incredibly easy to do!
To start, gather your materials. You'll need a few wooden planks, table legs, screws, roll chain, and wood finish. Once you have your supplies gathered, you are already well on your way to crafting the table of your dreams.
The video indicates that the chair legs were purchased from IKEA. They came in a basic black color, but you can easily spray paint it to be any color that you prefer. The legs of your table really set the tone for the piece. As Apartment Therapy indicates, changing the legs to solid wood or metal pipes can take the piece from rustic to modern. Keep that in mind when you select the perfect legs for your table.
Next, the video discusses how to set up the table top. They chose wood from a lumber store rather than a hardware store so that the quality was a bit higher. It's important to take the time to piece together the wood perfectly so that the best sides of the wood are face up.
In order to secure the table top, you should use a couple of scrap pieces of wood to screw it into place. This will ensure that the able doesn't wobble around. Apartment Therapy offers several ideas for a table top, including forgoing traditional tables completely and using a tree stump or even concrete instead.
To make sure that the table legs are held in place, you need to screw in roll chain. This metal piece is somewhat flexible so you can bend it go over the table leg. Once the screws are in place, the table leg should be completely attached.
Finally, you are ready to finish the wood. The video used a clear coating, but you could also select a darker stain for your desired look. Make sure to use several coats so that the table top is completely finished.
The end result is absolutely amazing! This DIY takes very little time and doesn't require very many supplies. Remember, you can use variations in color, table legs, or wood to make the piece your own.
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