Lady uses packing peanuts to create total stunner of an arrangement for front porch

Have you ever seen large plant arrangements in displays at department stores and had serious garden envy? There are three surprisingly easy rules to create the perfect plant arrangement. All you need to learn to do is perfect the elements of the arrangement, and you can have your entire garden and container planters looking like a professional did it.
We are going to run down the basics and then show you how you can take your newfound skills and apply them to just about any plant arrangement. Whether you're working with spring flowers, succulents, fall displays or even holiday greenery, you will be putting together gorgeous arrangements in no time.
1. Colorful beauty with thrillers, fillers, and spillers
Inspiration for Moms shows us the basics with this tutorial. The packing peanuts at the bottom are a huge tip to create a lighter planter, along with giving the soil ample drainage.
Plus, you can save on soil, since packing peanuts are a lot less expensive than potting mix. Find out how thrillers, fillers, and spillers work together to create a gorgeous display.
2. The right ingredients to arrange the perfect window box
This colorful window box at Uncommon Designs also follows the thriller, filler, spiller rule. Can you spot it yet? The visual elements draw your eye and create a certain level of drama and excitement. The plants aren't displayed in a uniform, level pattern, so the goal is to keep your eye moving around and soaking in all the lovely plants that have been so artfully arranged here.
3. Thrilling arrangement for fall container gardening
Mixing together bright, green elements in the thriller section, along with sparkly fall-themed spillers brings this arrangement from Time with Thea to the next level. You can either display these plants in containers or even plant them in your landscaping for a more permanent design element.
4. Succulents also thrill on display
Jennifer's Mentionables shows us how to follow the same rules from the earlier projects, but apply them to succulents. There are some tips and tricks specific to creating a fuller look for your succulents, which may tend to seem flatter in typical arrangements. Arranging according to the thriller, filler, spiller method allows the succulents to be the star of the show.
5. Holiday thrillers, fillers, spillers bring outdoor container planting into the spirit of the season
If you're looking for ways to add some curb appeal to your porch for the holidays, check out this tutorial from 5th and State. Using seasonal greenery, holly and pine cones, the thriller, filler, spiller method once again works to perfection.
So, how are you going to incorporate this into your container or garden planting this fall? Tell us in the comments and be sure to SHARE! Enjoy all your future arrangement fun.

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