Homeowner gives 1900 home's original white hex tile an easy, pretty facelift

Few floors take as much of a beating as a bathroom floor. Highly trafficked and subject to moisture -- if not downright soaking, when kids are involved! -- a bathroom floor needs replacing more often than any other in the home.
Fortunately, there are many options available for flooring, meeting any budget, decor and DIY ability. Whether you want to simply lay out a new floor or spend days on your hands and knees creating a custom work of art, your new floor awaits!
1. DIY sheet vinyl floor
When Jessica removed the vinyl flooring in the bathroom of her 1900 home, she discovered original hexagonal tile. As much as she loved it, it was simply too old and cracked to be restored.
Instead, Jessica found a hexagonal pattern in simple sheet vinyl. With no adhesive to mess with, it was a simple process to cut and install the updated "hex tile" right over the original. Her blog, Decor Adventures, shows exactly how she did it and why she loves the result.
2. DIY Herringbone bathroom floor
Who says you have to use flooring straight out of the box? Allison really wanted herringbone tiles for her bathroom, so she cut large rectangular tiles into the smaller size she needed. She took the added step of grouting the peel-and-stick pieces to "instantly up how expensive the floor looks."
Creativity and elbow grease gave Allison exactly the floor she wanted! See her detailed tutorial at Shark Tails.
3. DIY subway tile
Doing my own tiling? Like, with grout? Are you crazy?
It was a long and arduous process, but the hard work paid off in spaces. The end result is gorgeous, glistening white subway tiles. Get the full tutorial at The DIY Playbook.
4. DIY peel and stick "wood" floors
Angela chose peel-and-stick vinyl faux wood planks for her bathroom floor because, at only 98 cents per square foot, they were an affordable placeholder to use until she could get the tile she really wanted. The results were far better than she expected.
"Tile just got pushed way down on the priority list because I'm honestly really happy with these," she said. See her tutorial, which includes tips and advice based on her experience, at Simply Beautiful By Angela.
5. Painted tile bathroom floor
Mysha wanted a personalized, "high impact" look in her bathroom without pulling up the existing tile, so she decided to simply paint them. Following steps detailed in her tutorial at Remington Avenue, she used a custom stencil with chalk paint and a polyurethane sealant. High impact, indeed!
These successful bathroom floor projects demonstrate that no matter your budget or ability, you can create a bathroom floor you love. Are you inspired? Please SHARE these ideas and tell us about your "bathroom floor" projects in the comments below.

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