Lady fixes dog urine damage on lawn with one simple hack

Everyone wants to keep up with the Joneses. They're the ones with the white picket fence that pops against their perfectly green, lush, and beautiful lawn. Now, achieving that same golf course worthy lawn is within your reach cheaply, and easily.
But first, you need to understand what the problem is with your lawn before you fix it. Because while terribly large and brown urine stains from the neighbor's dogs look just as bad as scattered and dry thatching - the problems are quite different.
Why does dog urine damage your lawn? The high concentration of nitrogen in the urine overloads the natural nitrogen balance in the soil itself. This is what causes the yellowing of grass and dead patches.
Luckily, you can fix this damage at home. Check out the list below to figure out how to best treat, care, and recuperate your lawn.
Fix lawn damage caused by dog urine
First and foremost, there is prevention. If you have active urine on your lawn, it's best to attempt to wash it away as quickly as possible versus having it sit too long and soak into the grass itself.
If your grass already has dead, dry patches, following these steps instead:
1. Rake brown areas to remove as much dead grass as you can.
2. Sprinkle extra-fine ground limestone over the affected area. Add some water to help with absorption.
Using rocks over your dry, brown patches of grass can help neutralize and balance out the soil from the acidity of urine.
3. Apply layer of top soil to affected areas. Sprinkle over with grass seeds. Water this area carefully each day over the next few weeks until you see grass growth.
It may sound crazy, but it's true. Using the method above, you can fully restore green grass to this area.
It's important to note, this isn't a one-step solution. Instead, it took some time and patience, but the end result is incredible - you'd never even know the grass was damaged in the first place!
Revive lawn with dethatching
Almost everyone has experienced a patchy, brown lawn at some point. But many don't know the term for it is 'thatched.' Thatching occurs when air and water can't reach the grass's roots, causing this patchy brownness.
To prevent thatch, be sure to rake grass clippings after mowing your lawn. However, if you've already got brown patches, here's what you should do:
First, you're going to need to put in some elbow grease turning the lawn with a motorized rake, and then removing all the dead stuff. After that, it's about getting the perfect combination of soil and seed to create a fresh, green lawn.
Try this mix for starters:
- 1 bag top soil
- 1/4 bag MiracleGrow soil
- 1/8 bag peat moss
- 1/4 of the seed
Apply the mix over the affected areas. Gently water each day until grass restores.
And while you're at it, kill those weeds once and for all
Now your lawn is perfectly new, green, and lush. So, it's time to eliminate all those pesky weeds infiltrating your new creation. The thing is, there's no need to pay for such strong, and sometimes dangerous chemicals to kill those unwanted weeds.
So, Here's the perfect combination of household ingredients that are going to kill your weeds once and for all. Here's the recipe:
- 3 cups distilled white vinegar
- 2 teaspoons of dish soap
- 2 teaspoons liquid arthritis rub
- 3/4 cup salt
Why arthritis rub? It turns out arthritis rub contains capsicum (also found in peppers). This gives the "heat" feeling when treating joint pain. When applied to weeds, it quickly intensifies any reaction.
Tip: Make sure you don't apply this weed killer solution to grass. Just apply directly to the weed itself! It performs better to weeds that grow in cracks (like the one below).
Another bonus? It also kills ants!

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