Here's all you need to crochet an item so lovely it rightfully is an all-time favorite

Everybody loves a crocheted blanket. It's soft and warm and cozy! How fun would it be, though, if you were a little girl or boy, to have a blanket to snuggle up in that was in the shape of an animal or favorite food? Crochet Lovers has put out a YouTube tutorial that walks you through the step-by-step process of making an adorable mermaid tail blanket.
The mermaid's tail is, in reality, a snuggle sack with a tail added. Although the finished product looks like it would be difficult to make, this sack only requires knowing how to do the chain, single crochet, double crochet and back post double crochet. The main body of the sack starts with 15 chains and then double crochets are added to create the shape.
How to crochet a mermaid tail video tutorial:
The sack is crocheted as one solid piece, so no seams are necessary. The tail is done in two sections, and that is where you use the back post double crochet. This stitch gives the texture to the fin. The two halves are put together with the single crochet, and the fin is attached to the sack via a large sewing needle and yarn.
Crochet Lover's isn't the only group out with a how-to on snuggle sacks. Yarnspirations offers videos on making an ice cream sack, a dinosaur sack, and a bumble bee sack, just to name a few.
For this project you will need:
- 10mm hook USP, like this one available here.
- 6 balls of bulky, multicolored yarn size 6. For the purple shades ombre, try this one. For pastel hues, you can purchase this one here.
- Alternatively, you can use yarns with a solid color like this one here.

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