Watch the stupendous result of crocheting with plastic instead of yarn

So many stores send you out the doors with your latest goods in plastic bags. Often, you have too many bags to be of any practical use, but you don't know what to do with them. Crochet enthusiasts have come up with a great solution to the surplus plastic bag quandary that creates both practical and beautiful products.
The plastic bags are being turned into something called "plarn," with which durable products are crocheted. Plastic Bag Crafts has great written directions that take you through how to fold and cut the bag into strips. The strips are then "tied" together, creating "plarn." For those who are very visual, check out Stephanie Lewis' step-by-step video below on creating "plarn."
Video on how to crochet with plastic:
What can you make with "plarn"?
Because plastic is durable, it can be used for all kinds of different items. Shoes can even be crocheted using "plarn."
Totes are another option.
Kollabora uses the single crochet to create this great-looking belt.
Taking the time to mix the colors of your plastic bags can result in a beautiful pattern like the tote below. This design requires using a chain stitch, a slip stitch, a single crochet, a double crochet and a half double crochet.
Juxtapost shows a basket that gets a little more intricate in the crocheting, mixing chains with double crochets. The results are stunning.
If you can get enough colored bags, this brightly colored handbag is an option. You can even create a unique look by adding reed handles.
Decorative flowers out of "plarn" are another option. Family Chic does state that you need to purchase a bloom loom to make these beautiful accent pieces.
Even a floppy sun hat is not outside the realm of possibility.
These owl wristlets by Zween show how versatile "plarn" can be.
"Plarn" can even be used to create a bowl that you wouldn't be ashamed to set out on your table.
In this day and age of trying to responsibly take care of the planet, finding a great way to put those plastic bags to good use makes people wise stewards. Since the "plarn" products look so great, you can be stylish and feel good about reducing waste at the same time.

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