Fill a bottle with glass pebbles and make a truly chic accent for the patio

It's that time of year when the heat becomes a little more bearable, and it's time to head outside for garden parties and outdoor fun. Tiki torches not only add a nice touch to outdoor/garden entertaining; but they're also a great way to add ambiance and keep the mosquitoes at bay.
Of course, citronella lamps and store-bought tiki torches get the job done, but there are many ways to DIY tiki torches that will save money and look amazing. Plus, you can create a look that matches your existing outdoor decor. So, let's run down some simple ways to bring a custom look to your outdoor space this autumn.
1. Gorgeous DIY decorative bottle tiki torches
Armchair Sommelier shows us how to create these beautiful tiki torches in just a few easy steps. The inspiration came from Pinterest (of course), but the problem was there weren't any instructions for how to make these beauties.
So, she did it for us! Now, you can just follow step-by-step instructions to make these for your very own.
2. DIY mason jar tiki torches
These mason jars from The Frugal Homemaker take just five minutes to make and cost less than $10. Mason jars are just about everywhere right now, so if you don't already have some lying around at home, they are readily available at your local crafts store or even the dollar store. Inexpensive, easy and fast. What else can you really ask for in a garden project?
3. How to use an old t-shirt to make hanging mason jars
These adorable tiki torches from Grassy Branch Farms combine the idea of mason jars and hanging torches for a perfect addition to your garden. You need just a few extra products to create the hanging element, and you'll actually need an old t-shirt, too. Pretty creative use of an old shirt if you ask me!
4. Decorate your fence with mounted DIY tiki torches
This project is a little more involved than the others, but Gerardot & Co. will walk you through it step by step. There are some additional weatherproofing measures that will keep rainwater out of your beautiful bottles. The result is an inexpensive and uncommon mosquito repellant that will keep your backyard party going into the night.
5. Turn old liquor bottles into cute tiki torches
Sugar & Charm shows us how to use recycled liquor bottles to create a unique set of tiki torches. If you're not a huge liquor drinker, you can always ask friends or relatives who do love the hard stuff to contribute to these bottle tiki torches. The custom copper tips and caps make these extra special as well.
Which tiki torches get you fired up? Tell us in the comments and don't forget to SHARE the inspiration with others!

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