Lady tapes sterling circle to steel block, creating beautiful pendant in just 5 minutes

Stamped metal jewelry is definitely a favorite among jewelry makers. However, some people may assume the process is much too tedious to try out. If you've been dying to learn more about stamped jewlery, you've come to the right place. We've found a great tutorial that not only leads to amazing results, but is beyond easy!
Beaducation posted a video that explains just how simple it is to create beautiful stamped jewelry in about five minutes. To begin, gather your materials. You will need a steel block, metal stamps, metal to stamp on, tape, Sharpie marker, and steel wool or a polish cloth. Now you're all set to begin!
The video indicates that you can use a variety of metal as your pendent. The suggested metals can include copper, sterling silver, or aluminum just to name a few. Use the tape to hold the pendent in place and as a guide for your letters. Once you have the letters stamped in, use a Sharpie marker to fill in the indentation. Remove the excess marker with steel wool or a polish cloth. Finally, you are ready to hang your beautiful pendent from a neckalce or bracelet. How easy is that?
Simple Single Letters
The Creative Mom offers this idea for inspiration. Rather than spelling out an entire name, you can simply stamp in a single initial. This is a great idea for grandchildren or multiple children in a household. The simple design is absolutely beautiful!
Stamped Bracelet
Want something a bit unique? Shelterness shows just how diverse stamped jewelry can be. Start with a flat piece of metal and use your favorite short saying. Add something extra by using a different shape of metal with one single term. Have fun with different fonts and sizes to really bring dimension to the piece.
Birthstone Necklace
Fashion Lady offers another idea for necklaces. You can include your child's name and birth year and attache a single pendent birthstone. Another idea, is to include a year that is special (like maybe a wedding date or when you graduated from school). What a great way to remember a joyful time in your life!
Stamped jewelry is definitely popular and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Ready to try this out? Share with your friends!
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