Take drawers from that old dresser you're going to toss and craft them into a lovely planter

Vertical gardening not only saves space, but it also saves your back when it comes to watering, weeding and maintaining your plants and flowers. There are other benefits as well, including being able to add more plants to your existing garden, plus being able to showcase your plants in more creative ways. It's also super easy to change out your plants with the seasons without having to dig down in the dirt.
Whether you plant annuals or perennials, there are so many exciting ways to increase your curb appeal with vertical planters. They're also usually mobile, so you're not stuck like when you plant in the same spot in the yard so that you can move them around according to their sun/water needs. So, let's get started with some vertical gardening inspiration!
1. DIY vertical planter using repurposed drawers
Here's a creative way to upcycle old drawers. Beyond the Picket Fence shows us how to repurpose these drawers into an adorable vertical planter.
This could be used for any season and the plants are easy to change out according to the time of year. Minimal effort can create maximum results with this unique vertical garden.
2. Vertical planter for anywhere on your wall
Wall art or vertical gardening? Why not both? This creation from Shanty 2 Chic shows us how to get the most from your outdoor space with lovely combination. It takes just a few minutes and a few dollars to create this awesome planter for yourself.
3. Frame it up vertically with succulents
Balcony Garden Web created this absolutely gorgeous succulent frame using some surprising elements. This project shows us a completely different way to bring vertical gardening to your home. Succulents require little to no effort to maintain, so this creative plant art will surely bring a lovely look to your porch or patio for a long time to come.
4. Vertical herb garden with reused mason jars
This vertical herb garden from Home Remedies RX brings yet another creative use to the ever-popular mason jar. This rustic take on growing herbs, with the chalkboard signs and brightly painted mason jars, will fit in with just about any decorative style you have going on. Plus, you'll have fresh herbs within arm's reach, and that can only be a good thing, right?
5. Tiered ladder turns into a colorful planter vertical showcase
Ana White creates this gorgeous tiered ladder with planters. It's not only a great space-saving way to bring plants onto your patio or porch, but you can also plant herbs or seasonal flowers without having to clear any space in your yard. The best part? It costs less than $20 t0 create.
Which project excites you the most? We'd love to hear all about it in the comments and please SHARE the inspiration with others. Happy planting!

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