How to crochet the lacy flower pattern (video tutorial & diagram)

For those who love delicate, lacy work, moving into something more intricate than granny squares and popcorn stitches is in order. The lacy flower pattern has a lighter, more decorative feel to it and is quite simple to do. If you can chain and do the triple crochet, you can create this beautiful look.
Meladora's Creations for Crochet points out that most patterns don't call for the pearl in the center of the flowers like Tejiendo Perú's example, pictured above, but that little pearl adds an elegant touch and helps close the flower completely. Because this stitch is such a light stitch, using a small-weight yarn is highly recommended. The other thing to keep in mind when working this pattern is to work in sets of 11 plus 2. To see someone work this stitch, check out the step-by-step video by Meladora's Creations below.
How to crochet the lacy flower pattern video tutorial:
What can you create with the flower garden stitch?
Because the flower garden stitch is light and lacy, it is perfect for making tablecloths and doilies.
You can also use it for making a bedspread or shawl. Adding the little pearls will turn the pattern into the perfect sweater.
Changing up the type of yarn and the weight of the yarn alters the look of the end product. Small squares of this pattern can even be put together to form a granny square afghan.
For those who prefer a pattern, remember to read from left to right and then turn and read from right to left. The key to the markings is below the pattern. This particular pattern uses the chain, single crochet, treble crochet and bobble stitches. Once you have these stitches mastered and put together, you can begin to create lovely, lacy pieces.

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