How to knit the classic herringbone stitch (video tutorial with written instructions)

The herringbone stitch is a favorite among knitters. This particular stitch adds a bit of depth and creativity to a variety of pieces. The beautiful design makes this pattern a good choice for bags and scarves, but the options are essentially endless!
To begin, you need to know the basics of the slip-slip knit and the purl-two-together method. If you aren't familiar with these methods, learn them before beginning the herringbone pattern.
How to knit the herringbone stitch video tutorial:
New Stitch a Day: Knitting and Crochet Made Simple provides a thorough breakdown of the steps of the herringbone pattern. Start by casting on two rows of stitching. On the first row, complete the slip-slip knit pattern. On the second row, complete the purl-two-together pattern. Alternate these patterns until your piece reaches the appropriate width. Check out the video for complete visual instructions.
What can you make with the herringbone stitch?
This gorgeous button scarf is a go-to option for children and adults. Not only is it a cozy option for winter months, but it's totally stylish, too!
Looking for the perfect way to make your space more homey? Try out this herringbone-stitch pillow! Nothing will make you want to snuggle down on your couch as much as this comfy pillow.
Don't forget the options for blankets! This particular stitch produces a heavy blanket that will definitely keep you warm this winter.
Here's another option for a buttoned scarf. Remember, you can make the style your own by using a variety of colors.
The herringbone stitch is a great option for knitting just about anything! It's a durable stitch that works well with clothing and home decor items. What are you inspired to knit? Share with your friends!

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