Build a box from 2x2's to help conceal this common backyard eyesore

Let's be honest. Garden hoses are necessary, but they aren't the most attractive part of your yard. There are your everyday reels and resin holders you can purchase at any hardware store, but there are ways to create unique DIY garden hose holders that will save money and add something extra to your yard.
Whether you'd rather create a garden hose holder/planter, or simply get some inspiration on how to store your hose more efficiently, we have the project for you. So, let's take a look at some of the DIY tutorials for garden hose storage that's functional and good-looking.
1. Adorable cedar planter plus garden hose holder
This cedar planter from The Kim Six Fix hides the hose exceptionally well. The black hardware gives it that elevated look, and the pop of color from the plants on the top complete the design.
The trim boards on the top add a finishing touch, and there's easy access to the garden hose through the hinged door on the front.
2. Removable planter plus garden hose holder
The garden hose holder from That's My Letter is a welcome solution to the garden hose pile the family used to have before this project. The removable top adds the convenience of being able to replant the flowers depending on the season and variety of blooms you have there. Plus, there's easy access to the hose inside for all your garden watering needs.
3. Gorgeous garden bench plus double hose storage
This garden hose bench from Sunset stores a couple of hoses and also provides a lovely resting spot for the weary. It's even made from rot-resistant hardwood, so you don't have to worry about durability. You can get this done in just a couple of days and for way less than you'd pay to purchase this in a store.
4. Turn a bucket into the easiest garden storage ever
Sometimes the best solution to your garden hose problem is the easiest one, as shown at Addicted to Homes. This is a simple 15-gallon galvanized bucket that wasn't in use, so it got a new job as garden hose storage. It gives a rustic casual feel to the yard and is very simple and easy to put together.
5. Simple terra cotta planters can do double duty, too
Another source of inspiration from Living the Country Life shows us you don't have to have woodworking skills to create simple garden storage. Sometimes it's just as easy as winding up your garden hose nice and tightly, and putting it inside a terra cotta planter or two. It doesn't get much easier than that!
Which garden hose storage project do you find the most inspiring? Tell us in the comments and please don't forget to SHARE the inspiration with others. Have a great time storing your garden hose for less!
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