Lady presses pennies on railroad tracks and turns them into the prettiest outdoor fixture

It seems like everywhere you look these days, old pennies are showing up as floors and countertops and other huge projects. If you like the look of penny decor but aren't committed enough to use them for an entire bathroom floor, there are still ways to create smaller projects that add a unique touch to your home.
These tutorials will inspire you to get creative with old pennies and some very simple ways to get the look without spending lots of money. From table trays to wall art, let your creative juices flow with these inspirational, completely achievable projects.
1. Put together old pennies and create an envy-worthy tray
The first tutorial comes from Being Brook. All you need to do is wash the pennies and gather together a few supplies to create this gorgeous home accent. Any tray with sides will work; this example was purchased for $1.
2. Spell it out with pennies in the kitchen
The Crafted Sparrow runs down the instructions needed to maker paper mache letters shine with penny accents. Mix and match shiny and dull pennies to get this look. If you dry fit the pennies before starting, it will help when you end up making it permanent with the glue. Finish with a glossy spray paint, and you have a unique addition to the kitchen.
3. Christmas ornament from a few pennies and some ribbon
Better Budgeting shows how to create this adorable Christmas ornament. You could use different colors for the ribbon to personalize it and match existing holiday decor. To make the project even more personal, choose pennies from the year of your child's birth and use their favorite color as the ribbon. That idea works for any milestone years, such as a wedding anniversary or college graduation.
4. Music to your ears: DIY wind chime made from pressed pennies
This tutorial from Karen Manasco uses pennies in a simple how-to project. Though it looks complicated, it can be assembled and hung the same day, so don't be intimidated. It's created from pennies she had pressed on railroad tracks years ago. Those who don't tracks to press pennies can use the elongate pennies from souvenir machines instead.
All you need are a few handfuls of pennies, fishing line, a drill bit and a stick. Feel free to add colorful beads or other decorative touches to make the project your own.
5. Ombre pennies as elegant wall art
My Covered Bridge demonstrates how to create this ombre penny look with a standard picture frame and, of course, plenty of pennies. You don't even have to pay attention to whether they're all heads up or tails up; just focus on creating a look that moves from darker to lighter.

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