Morph an old light fixture into the most beautiful, whimsical outdoor planter

There are countless ways to spruce up your outdoor space with pretty plants and flowers. But you can really take it to the next level with an outdoor chandelier planter. Mixing the light, floating chandeliers with the earthiness of plants is a lovely contrast that will bring an extra element of interest to your garden.
Most of these tutorials are easy to put together and involve recycled chandeliers that are very common at yard sales and secondhand stores. You won't find this in everyone else's yard, so if you love being unique and creating a little green envy for the neighbors, read on!
1. Bright, cheerful chandelier with a whimsical touch
This bright, whimsical chandelier from The House That Lars Built is actually a traditional decorative piece in Poland. The combination of colorful decor with the practical purpose of planting is the best of both worlds! This unique addition to your garden is easy to put together, and the result is pure beauty.
2. Succulent stunner piled on top of a simple metal tray
This gorgeous succulent chandelier from Craftberry Bush is simple to put together but looks absolutely incredible. It's just a metal tray with some holes in it, and the rest is up to your imagination. Mix and match any succulents together, and you have a low-maintenance stunner that will surely bring a beautiful touch to your garden.
3. Bright, colorful chandelier with terra cotta pots
Gardening Dreams shows us how to attach terra cotta pots to this chandelier and upcycle to something gorgeous and unique. The teal paint really makes this stand out among the average yard decor. You can coordinate whatever flowers you end up planting, in this case, the hot pink really makes the colors pop.
4. Mini-planters help finish this simply gorgeous garden piece
The Rainforest Garden shows us this easy, inspirational beauty. The mini planters make it easy to change out the plants you choose to put with this chandelier. A few simple attachments to keep the pots secured to the chandelier, and you have this gorgeous piece to add to your garden.
5. Rip out the wires and replace the lights with plants for an adorable planter
Rustic Refined shows us how to repurpose an old, rusty chandelier that was just sitting around after a rummage sale.
Once the wiring was pulled out, just a few more steps and the lovely flowers got a brand new home. For the low, low price of $2, this chandelier brings beauty and charm to the yard.
Which project are you going to try? Tell us in the comments and don't forget to SHARE the inspiration with others. Enjoy your project and happy gardening!

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