Fill your home with greenery that'll never die with these 17 crocheted plants

Using plants and flowers to decorate a home is a tradition that goes back as far as ancient times. The difference between now and then is that back then, live flowers had to be used for decorating. Fake flowers were not an option. Today, silk flowers can be used to decorate; but for crochet aficionados, making flowers and potted plants out of yarn is also an option.
Crocheted plants and flowers have beauty in color and texture and can be used over and over without having to worry about caring for them. If you don't have a green thumb, you don't need to worry. These plants will never die. You can also make some of these flowers to use as decorations on packages. With the invention of the internet, many of these patterns are also listed for free for people who want to try their hand at making something new.
1. Crocheted agave free pattern by MagicPhylum via Craftsy.
The agave plant below is made by using the single crochet.
2. Crocheted succulents free pattern by Common Thread.
For those who love cacti, but don't want to have to care for them, Common Thread provides simple patterns to create all of the cacti and even the dirt.
3. Crocheted African violet free pattern by Lion Brand.
If you are up to something a little more challenging, the African violet may be for you. Lion Brand offers free patterns, but you do need to create an account to access them.
4. Amigurumi juniper bonsai tree by MoonCreations via Etsy.
The bonsai tree below is placed in a teacup to add to its allure.
5. Crocheted amaryllis free pattern by Speckerna.
Speckerna's amaryllis requires only a single crochet, a half double crochet, a triple crochet, and a slip stitch. The red flower adds a splash of color to any home.​
6. Crocheted cactus free pattern by Craft Ideas.
Craft Ideas' cactus comes with a crocheted pot. Both pieces require only knowledge of slip stitches, chains, and single crochets.
7. Crocheted orchid free pattern by Loremar.
Getting an orchid to bloom can be quite difficult. By knowing how to do a handful of stitches, you can create a perpetually blooming orchid for your home.
8. Crocheted lotus pattern by Happy Patty Crochet via Etsy.
The bright color of the lotus will be sure to brighten any room. This pattern is rated as an experienced crocheter pattern, but don't let that scare you away from trying it.
9. Crocheted pansy flowers by Decor Anna Gallery.
Pansies are happy flowers. Being able to crochet these blooms allow you to decorate any room in your home with them or use them to decorate packages.
10. Crocheted water lily free pattern via the Crochet Kingdom.
The water lily comes in a free pattern for any who want to make them. To make the partially open blooms, crocheting around wire is necessary.
11. Crocheted mushrooms free pattern by Wixxl.
Creating your own family of mushrooms is as easy as knowing how to do single and double crochets. Although the original site is in Danish, it can be translated to English at the click of a button.
12. Crocheted ranunculus pattern by Happy Patty Crochet.
You can create a permanent bouquet of ranunculus through the use of Happy Patty's pattern. The flowers' bright colors cheer up rooms.
13. Crocheted November lily free pattern by Moogly.
If you like to decorate for Easter, the November lily, also known as the Easter lily, can be a reusable decoration year after year.
Silk flowers are nice, but being able to make your own flower is even better. Make you house blossom with a little bit of yarn, a hook and some time.

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