Lady buys $1 bar stool at garage sale and transforms it into beautiful outdoor planter

Just about everywhere you look, people are using creative, different materials for outdoor planters. You can easily showcase your flowers using wheelbarrow planters. Depending on the time of year, the plants and flowers inside are easy to change out with the seasons.
Plus, you can move the wheelbarrows around according to the angle of the sun in your garden to get your plants the amount of sunshine they need. So, let's take a look at some of the ways you make your very own from scratch, with only basic carpentry skills needed. Or, you can always recycle old wheelbarrows into something special.
1. Paint your way to a beautiful wheelbarrow planter
This project guide from Beyond the Picket Fence shows us how to use stencils and paint to make a one-of-a-kind planter. The wheelbarrow was an inexpensive Craigslist find for $5. Select your paint color carefully, and then stencil away! Put on the finishing touches, and you're all set to plant your favorite blooms.
2. Forget about the flat tire, and paint everything white for a lovely wheelbarrow planter
This project from Shabby Chic Treasures started with a flat tire and a wheelbarrow that was just sitting and not being used. So, it got a makeover with some bright flowers and a coat of white paint. The flowers inside are inside a planter, so they'll be easy to change out according to the seasons.
3. Don't have enough room for all your outdoor decor? Make room with this DIY wheelbarrow
By Stephanie Lynn shows us how to make a wooded wheelbarrow planter to hold all your pumpkins, gourds, and other harvest-inspired outdoor decorations. Be sure to use treated lumber so that it will withstand the outdoor weather. The dark finish on this project makes this DIY wooden wheelbarrow stand out from the rest.
4. Turn a wooden crate into an extra-easy DIY wheelbarrow planter
This simple wooden crate project comes to us from Diva of DIY. There is minimal effort involved, but with maximum results.
This project is perfect for someone who is just beginning. The wooden crate is supported with extra pieces of wood that were just scrap from other projects. Easy and inexpensive, win/win!
5. Durable DIY wheelbarrow you'll want to brag about
How To Specialist shows us how to make this wooden wheelbarrow planter with a step-by-step guide. It's a simple project, but if you follow the instructions, it will look like you hired a professional woodworker to complete this for you! Don't forget the finishing touches, sanding and wood filler will make this project look absolutely perfect.
Which project are you most excited to get started on? Tell us in the comments and please SHARE the inspiration with your fellow gardeners. Enjoy planting!

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