Man fills a loop of lawn edging with mortar to make the most magical garden decor

Stepping stones are a beautiful and functional addition to your garden. Their purpose isn't just decorative; it's to give gardeners a place to walk around without disturbing the plants in the garden. Stepping stones also help prevent compacting the soil when you're maneuvering through your garden.
Since you want to make sure to avoid walking on wet garden soil especially, it is important to add stepping stones to your garden to protect the structure of your soil, so plants can get all the water and nutrients they need. If it's best to do anyway, why not make them gorgeous?
1. Turn pebbles into works of art with this easy tutorial
Jeffrey Gardens has great advice on how to put together this large stepping stone. You'll find tips and tricks to sort the best pebbles and how to lay them out, so they create the most beautiful stepping stones.
Plus, he'll show you how to make them extra strong, so they'll keep looking good for years to come.
2. Easy as 1, 2, 3 - make stepping stones that double as hopscotch
Garden Therapy shows us how to make these hopscotch stepping stones. They're a step above typical children's games and extra special for the garden pathway. This will be an engaging way for the kids to spend time in the garden, plus you will be able to get your gardening done while they are having fun.
3. Don't bag up all your leaves, turn them into garden decor
We had to double-dip from Garden Therapy for these monogram leaf stepping stones. These would be perfect leading up to any garden path. You'll find some tips and tricks to choose the right containers and the right leaves to get this look. You'll learn how to choose leaves according to their edges, and some other fun ideas along the way.
4. Mistakes don't have to be trashed, turn an oops into THIS
This project from Over the Big Moon got started by accident. Literally. These teacups and saucers ended up falling off a truck and broke into a heartbreaking amount of pieces. Since no one could bear to get rid of them, they ended up being honored in this elegant stepping stone project unlike any other.
5. Grab some old cake pans to create these adorable stepping stones
eHow shows us how to use a bunch of old cake pans to make stepping stones quickly and easily. All you need are a few supplies, including vegetable oil (I promise there's no actual baking), and you are in business!
Which project are you most excited to try? Please tell us in the comments below and SHARE the inspiration with others. Happy stepping!

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