Stay warm in style this winter with these 17 gorgeous crocheted blankets

Winter is right around the corner, and that means cold nights and curling up with a good book or movie. Of course, sitting still on a rainy or snowy evening means you're going to get cold. The solution is you grab a blanket. Whether the blankets you have around the house are ones you want to keep hidden out of sight or out on display is up to you.
Crocheted blankets and afghans can serve three purposes throughout the next few months. First up, they're warm. Second, they're works of art, so you can leave them out on display and not be embarrassed. Third, they make excellent Christmas gifts. The biggest decision you have to make is, "Which blanket do I want to make?"
1. Zig-zag puff stitch baby afghan's free pattern by 7 Alive.
Little ones need to stay warm, and moms care about style. Combining these two together gets the zig-zag puff baby afghan. Warm and soft, the blanket is sure to be the baby's favorite.
2. Chunky braided cable blanket free crochet pattern by All About Ami.
If you're up for a challenge, All About Ami offers up a pattern for a braided blanket. The "braid" is actually just a texture that is crocheted into the blanket. Ami uses chunky yarn for a warm, cuddly afghan.
3. Clamshell blanket by Down Grapevine Lane.
Are you going with an ocean theme for the nursery? Down Grapevine Lane's clamshell blanket is the perfect finishing touch with its delicate shells woven into the blanket.
4. Comfy squares textured blanket free crochet pattern by Little Monkey's Crochet.
Using just single crochets and half double crochets, the comfy squares textured blanket pattern comes free. Its tight stitch ensures it will be warm, and its simplicity means even beginners can tackle this project with ease.
5. Chunky throw free crochet pattern by Leelee Knits.
If you don't want to make an entire afghan, try making a throw. This one uses the Dutch Lace stitch. You'll get the comfort and warmth from a throw like you do a blanket. It just won't take as long to make.
6. Harlequin stitch blanket by Three Beans In A Pod.
Cool colors go with winter. Making a blanket using those colors helps put you in a wintry mood. You need to be familiar with doing single crochets, double crochets, and crochet togethers to be able to create the harlequin stitch.
7. Sweetheart Ripple afghan by Crochet 'n' Frog using Ravelry's pattern.
For a cool, reversible afghan, try the sweetheart ripple. By choosing the right colors, you can make your blanket for winter, spring or fall. The pattern can be found on Ravelry, but remember you need to create a free account to use all of Ravelry's features.
8. "Happy Hexagons" afghan free crochet pattern by Make And Do Crew.
The "Happy Hexagons" almost gives the feel of snowflakes. To create the hexagons, you need to be able to do single crochets, double crochets, chains and slip stitches. Blocking your hexagons is also recommended if this project is to be a success.
9. "Corner to corner" baby blanket free crochet pattern by Kindra's Crochet.
Another simple blanket to make using only single crochets, double crochets, slip stitches and chains, "corner to corner" makes a great gift for babies or adults. By keeping the colors masculine, its lack of frills makes this a great piece even for men.
10. Radiating dragonflies throw free crochet pattern by Pattern Paradise.
Dragonflies, along with butterflies and ladybugs, are one of the few insects girls really seem to like. You can add them to your blanket for a little girl. Pattern Paradise has a free pattern you can use.
11. Pumpkin tweed blanket free crochet pattern by Rescued Paw Designs.
We are well in the midst of harvest time and nearing Thanksgiving. The pumpkin tweed blanket only requires knowledge of chains, double crochets and slip stitches to complete. The fall colors make this a great accent piece during this time of year.
12. Star blanket free crochet pattern by Atty-s.
Using double crochets, triple crochets, slip stitches and chains, this star blanket makes a perfect gift for little ones. The design is colorful, yet it makes you feel like you're seeing the stars at night.
13. Grannies and ripples afghan free pattern by Simply Crochet.
Using a combination of granny squares and ripple stitches, this "lapghan," as the designer calls it, is a cuddly piece of art. It's great for curling up under, yet the small holes keep it from becoming too warm.
14. Feather and fan baby blanket free pattern by Persia Lou.
The feather and fan baby blanket is delicate in design. Its airiness won't keep the baby too warm and makes the blanket quick to finish.
15. Dragon blanket crochet pattern for purchase by MJ's Off The Hook Designs.
What child doesn't like dinosaurs and dragons? Making a child a dragon blanket is sure to go over much better than a plain, rectangular or square-shaped one.
16. Chunky ribbed blanket free crochet pattern by Modern Grace Design.
This ribbed blanket uses chunky yarn and half double crochets. It's a fairly simple design, but that's part of its charm.
17. Granny square blanket free crochet pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs.
This blanket is a classic design, working from a center "granny square" and constantly building outward.
With so many different possibilities from which to choose, coming up with an idea for Christmas should be easy. All the people in your family will be staying warm this winter.

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