Lady glues leaves to mason jar, and it's completely stunning when she illuminates it

A seasonal atmosphere makes any occasion festive and meaningful -- especially if it doesn't require a lot of work! Kick off the holiday season with a focus on Thanksgiving gratitude using these easy crafts designed to set a cozy-yet-joyful mood.
1. Falling leaf garland
This fall garland is as easy to make as it is beautiful; guest bloggers at House of Jade demonstrate how to make it with just ribbon, silk leaves, glitter and glue!
2. The "Thankful Tree"
Naming what we are thankful for is a popular Thanksgiving tradition. The "Thankful Tree" at Simply Vintage Girl can be decorated with blank "leaves" for guests to write out their gratitude. The leaves can be read out loud during or after the big meal.
3. DIY Thanksgiving flowers
Fresh flowers are always festive, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Blooms by the Box suggests flower arranging as a wonderful family craft project. Who knows what new holiday tradition might bloom?
4. Yarn pumpkins
Debbie from One Little Project at a Time modified the popular yarn ball craft to create her own pumpkin patch! She recommends the yarn pumpkins as table centerpieces or mantel decorations.
5. DIY pumpkin terracotta pot
Turn a small terracotta pot into a pumpkin, and you've got a cute candy dish. Use them as decor, or do what Kimberly Sneed at Real Housemoms did and give them away as gifts!
6. DIY autumn leaf mason jar candle holder
Set the mood with a warm glow emanating from autumn leaf mason jars. Sister bloggers Alicia and Geneane at Spark & Chemistry demonstrate how to create these lovely lanterns with real or silk fall foliage.
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