Fill a boat-shaped container with soil to make a truly unique planter for the yard

There are pages and pages of results online for inspiration for using boat planters as a unique accent to your garden. If you love to sail or spend time on the water, what better way to pay tribute to that than to use a boat as a planter in your garden?
You can use them in so many different ways, whether you use them in the garden or on the porch or deck. Boat planters are also not that common, so you're sure to stand out among the rest of the neighborhood (in a good way, of course). Let's take a look at some indoor and outdoor ways to incorporate a nautical theme in your gardening.
1. Simple succulent boat planter
We'll start with a look at how to plant a simple boat indoors using succulents from this post by Westphoria. You can get this easy project done in just one day over the weekend, and of course, succulents are very resilient low-maintenance plants. You can mix and match colors for the boats and the succulents for stunning results.
2. Add a pop of color in a DIY boat planter
Carolyn's Shade Gardens shows us this inspirational idea, complete with oars mounted on the wall above the boat planter. The details are all on point with this tutorial; even the window paint seems to intentionally match the oars on the wall. The trick that makes this planting work is the amount of annuals in the space, it really rounds it all out and makes it look nice and full.
3. Make your very own boat planter using recycled pallets
If DIY is more your style rather than finding a boat to upcycle into a garden planter, check out this tutorial from 1001 Pallets. It uses, no surprise, pallets to make this colorful little boat planter. The plans are free, and there's even a handy-dandy video to help you put it all together. Ahoy!
4. The essential ingredients for a successful boat planter
Mother Earth News gives us the straight-up must do's to get a successful boat planter going. The tips and tricks provided will help you choose the right kind of boat for your space, pick the right spot for your boat planter, and how to plan carefully to get a bumper crop of whatever you decide to plant.
5. DIY details for planting the perfect boat
You won't want to miss these DIY details from Home Guides. It runs down the differences and benefits between flat-bottom and V-bottom boats. You'll also learn how best to provide drainage for your boat planter and how to properly support the boat. There are some very important tips in this how-to for boat planting.
Which boat planter are you most excited to try? Please tell us in the comments and don't forget to SHARE with your fellow gardeners. Happy boat planting!

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