Punch 10 holes in coffee can lid with hammer and nail to make this gorgeous planter

Forget about the typical plastic buckets and milk jugs; there are upside down planters you can make that are cute and functional. It doesn't have to cost much more than using those old recycled buckets and such; you can just make a few minor tweaks to the end result to make something you'll be proud of.
There are many options for turning planters upside down that can complement your deck, patio or even your interior decor. It's a fun way to create a unique look at seems to defy gravity, while also helping your plants receive nutrients in a more efficient way.
1. Stop old containers from turning into garbage in a few simple steps
Design Sponge uses leftover containers from various food items in the kitchen. The best results come from tin cans with plastic lids, like coffee, instant cocoa mix, fiber drink mix, or pretty much any container for a powdered, loose product. The author takes several tutorials and experiments to come up with the best of the best in one easy-to-follow set of instructions.
2. Cover coffee tins with fabric for a one-of-a-kind hanging planter display
Persephone Magazine shows us how to make this project from old tins and colorful fabric. This project can be customized in so many ways; it's completely up to you what you want the final result to look like.
You could even use sheet metal, wallpaper, wrapping paper, collage, or paint on these adorable upside-down hanging planters.
3. Turn empty wine bottles into gravity-defying hanging planters
This DIY wine bottle tutorial from My Wild Things & Twinkletoes takes upside down planting to a whole adorable level. You can use recycled wine bottles for just about anything these days, and this gravity-defying project is easy on the eyes and on the wallet. Surely, you will have lots of help getting empty wine bottles over the holidays.
4. Bring an upside-down planter into the shower for a bit of green every day
This gorgeous creation from Peaches & Salt looks a lot more complicated (and a lot more expensive) than it is. It only takes a little bit of wood, some chicken wire, and a lot of patience to get it properly assembled before installing it over your head in the shower. Then, you'll be able to enjoy this beauty every single morning! Plus, you'll never have to worry about watering it.
5. Use a colorful Ikea grocery bag to get a unique hanging garden
These upside-down plants from Ikea Hackers are easy to do and look adorable when complete. There are just five simple steps from beginning to end for this project. You'll end up with hanging plants that are sure to yield much fruit in the next growing season.
Which tutorial got you the most excited to create an upside-down planter for your garden or inside your home? Please tell us in the comments and don't forget to SHARE with your fellow gardeners. Enjoy!

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