Transform a pile of rocks into a beautiful, functional DIY garden space

There are many reasons people are turning to small gardens. They're easier to tend to, and you can keep them closer to your home, so you're able to feast your eyes on their growth more often. You'll also be able to take care of those pesky weeds easier in a smaller area.
Whether you have a yard that doesn't have the best soil, or you have a much smaller area to work with, or even if you just want to maximize every inch of your garden, there are some fantastic ways to save space. You can get the most out of your garden if you plan it out and work to make a small area yield big results.
River rock planter border
Large river rocks can be beautiful by themselves, so why not make them the star of your backyard? The following project by Ella Claire Inspired shows how easily you can create a river rock planter border. The final look really shows off the flowers and adds elegance and charm to your garden.
Decorative garden sign
Instead of spending hard-earned funds on wall art or accent items that spell out something that speaks to the heart, grab some rocks, and create a garden that honors family instead. Let guests know what values are held close in the home by creating a variety of rock gardens that spell out important words.
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DIY stone fire pit
Mama Needs a Project has done it again! You can make the following DIY stone fire pit in under 2 hours. All materials can be found at your local home improvement store. Concrete stone adhesive was used to secure the different layers. Now you have the perfect backyard addition for any time of the year!
Rock garden path
Another way to show off rocks is to transform them into a garden path. Use different colored rocks for contrast. You can even mix and match with other materials like mulch or patio brick.
DIY rock fountain

If you are looking for a backyard project that will cause neighbors to look twice, try the following project by Joyful Derivatives. This fountain turned an ugly patch of dirt and septic lid into a natural beauty.
Create a herb garden spiral
If you want to make your garden extra productive, try the project below by Family Food Garden. Instead of doing a traditional rock spiral, kick it up a notch by adding herbs. Save time and money by not having to make a trip to the grocery store. You can have fresh herbs straight from your backyard. The following is what the herb garden looked like the second year:
Landscape your deck
Tired of just grass? Rocks can be a creative tool for landscaping your deck, as shown below by Brittany Goldwyn. The best part? It's cost effective. Brittany bought her river rock from a local nursery at $6 per five-gallon bucket. Pro Tip: She didn't need to dig at all. She hammered down an easy no-dig black landscaping border instead.
Spiral garden
Have a small backyard space? The following spiral garden by Oh My Creative utilizes a very small place in a unique way. Previously, the owner had some zucchini plants that were taking over the small area, so this spiral solution helps keep plants separated and organized.
It's also lovely to look at, and the plants have their own space to gather nutrients and grow in the sun.

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