Don't miss these 5 super speedy crochet projects: All can be done in an hour or less

Sometimes you're happy to spend months creating a beautiful afghan that can be treasured as an heirloom -- and sometimes you just want to finish something fast.
If you're tired of having a pile of WIPs (works in progress) hidden in your closet, then you'll love our selection of super-speedy crochet makes.
Infinity scarf
Crocheting an infinity scarf is easy and simple when you use one basic stitch and lots of repeating rows. You'll have a finished accessory in no time at all! Get the full tutorial here.
Chunky beanie or crochet hat
Chunky crochet hats are quick and easy to make in an hour or less. They are the perfect quick project for holiday gifts, selling at craft fairs or an unexpected cold snap! Get the full tutorial here.
Quick scarf
This simple scarf couldn't be easier to crochet up, yet it will look smart and keep you warm. Choose a chunky or even super-chunky yarn, and the results will be really cozy and quick. Get the full tutorial here.
Speedy storage basket
Crochet mini baskets in under 1 hour to organize your home quickly and easily. They corral crafting notions, hair accessories and even office supplies. Get the full tutorial here.
Simple dreamcatcher
This project is fun and easy to customize. Use as many yarn colors as you'd like, and then decorate it with things like feathers, beads and fringe! Get the full tutorial here.
Market bag
These market bags are very easy to make and don't use much yarn, so not only are they fun to make, but they're also an affordable project! Get the full tutorial here.
Simple crochet dishcloth
Get fresh and clean with easy crochet dishcloths. Make a few in bright colors to add vibrancy to your cleaning routine. Get the full tutorial here.

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