How to crochet the lemon peel stitch in the blink of an eye (video & written pattern)

Watch the video above to learn to crochet the lemon peel stitch.
This versatile stitch creates yummy texture and warmth for any project. It simply alternates single and double crochets to create a stunning fabric suitable for hats, bags, blankets and home decor projects.
Use any weight yarn and corresponding hook size. I used worsted weight and an H 5 millimeter crochet hook.
Pro tip: You can start with any number of foundation chains, but starting with an odd number makes it easier moving forward. This way you have an even number of stitches in each row, and you always start with a single crochet (instead of alternating). See the pattern below for more details.
Ashleigh Kiser / DIY Everywhere
Ch - chain stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dc - double crochet
t - turn
rep - repeat
st(s) - stitch(es)
Written pattern
Row 1: Ch any number you like — I chained 11 — Sc in second Ch from hook, Dc in next st, rep across (you should end on a Dc), Ch 1, t (10)
Row 2: Sc, Dc, rep across, Ch 1, t (10)
Rows 3-8: Rep Row 2
If you begin with an even number of chain stitches, with each row you will alternate what stitch you start with. For example:
Row 1: Start with a Ch of 12, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Dc in next, rep across (here you end on a Sc), Ch 2, t (11)
Row 2: Dc, Sc, rep across, Ch 1, t (11)
Row 3: Sc, Dc, rep across, Ch 2, t (11)
Basically, you always want a Sc lying on top of a Dc and vice versa no matter how many foundation chains you make.

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